Bethesda Failed Big time: Fallout 4 Sucks

We all know that Fallout 4 sucks, derived of any creativity.

It’s a massive game that takes years of hard work and dedication to get just right. Also, it isn’t elementary to make the game look and feel as good as possible. The character designs are terrible, there is no storyline, and most importantly, it’s not fun!

So why do fallout four actually suck? Well, there are several reasons, and we are going to review here the reasons behind the failure of Fallout 4. Let’s Check Out!

There Is No Good Story

So what I am saying here is that Fallout 4 has no story, even though it has been marketed as such.

Now it seems all of this marketing was purely for money. If you already know the story, don’t throw five bucks away on a game that doesn’t have one.

Sadly, people give a damn about what you think, but hey! This is the 21st-century man. We all care about money these days.

The developers have had an opportunity to create an unforgettable story, but they have chosen not to do so. I’m not sure why?

Some people would say it’s because of licensing issues or because Bethesda didn’t want to put any effort into creating meaningful characters, but I don’t believe that for a second.

I think it’s because they didn’t make enough money from Skyrim. Skyrim was released way before Fallout 4 was announced, and sales were decent while still rolling in cash from Oblivion and Morrowind sales weren’t exactly top-notch either (at least in terms of money).

Their logic for choosing not to give a damn about making a good story is like saying, “We had enough money from Skyrim, so we’re not going to make anything that requires any financial effort on our part.” And I think it’s incredibly retarded.

The dialogue system must be the most uninteresting thing I have ever seen in a video game. Every single conversation consists of people talking or repeating the same line of dialogue over and over again.

If you don’t get what they are saying, all you do is try to guess which answer they would choose and hope you think right. It’s utter bullshit, though.

Bethesda can’t tell one story without breaking it up into 25 parts. They are so incompetent at storytelling that it’s unbelievable.

I’m delighted Bethesda has given up on making games because they currently have no idea how to release them properly. They release their poor-quality games through buggy and broken DLC methods that take forever to be patched.

If they wouldn’t give us this abomination called Fallout 4 with its horrid excuse for a story and terrible writing, then I don’t know what else is left for them to do except go back home.

Massive Sized And Poor Designing In-Game World

Many parts of the in-game world design are pretty bad. The overall fps is poor, and if you have a lousy pc, you’ll have to run it in low quality for it to run decently.

The game is enormous, and that’s not the only problem. The world of Fallout 4 looks extremely childish and impractical.

Moreover, it takes up too much space! It’s filled with similar buildings and with no real purpose, making it hard for a player to navigate the world properly. The settlements are also relatively small, making it impossible for an NPC to give leveling or quest information.

There are way too many items scattered around the game world, making finding cool things hard instead of fun. You can see A Vault Boy walking down every road in the game! How dumb is that? Nobody will ever actually go on a journey to find all those Vault Boy hats in Fallout 4 headlamp.

Because players collect so many items, they clip through each other. As a result, a character can’t walk around without falling or cutting through objects like rocks.

The characters are ridiculously huge and extremely stiff, the environments are dull and unimpressive. Also, the power armor is designed horribly, and why the heck there’s a picture of a dog on the GECK?

Now, if there would be games of this size implemented like in Skyrim, I’d understand since that game was also prominent as heck, but why do in an open world game where people need to interact with each other. Although, I did appreciate the amount of lore present in some shops and buildings.

The gunplay Does not live up to the reputation

In big open-world games such as Skyrim or The Witcher 3, you can feel the weight of an actual gun and therefore have a realistic experience.

For example, in Skyrim, you can feel like hitting something with your weapon, with a crack noise and everything. It helps make gameplay more immersive and adds some weight to the guns. I heard from other developers that Bethesda uses an engine called Creation Engine (CE) in Skyrim.

So let’s focus on the gunplay of Fallout 4.

The guns do not weigh them, and they feel like a toy empty in their effect. Their performance leaves much to desire, given their lack of detail and physics.

I don’t have an Xbox One or One X, so because I don’t know how bad it is on the next-gen consoles, but they are my guesses.

Let’s assume that it performs worse on those than regular PCs, given Bethesda’s track record with optimization. So this means that you’re getting lost in your game world, and it’s just bland shooting, something you don’t want in Fallout 4.

When you make a game like this, thousands of weapons will be available with different types, such as rifles, pistols, shotguns, etc.

If you don’t provide great gunplay, what kind of experience does the player get from this? Usually, things like: “hey, look at all the guns! Let me try them all out” don’t add anything to gameplay or storyline. It only rains jumbled garbage information over the player when they try each weapon, and nothing comes to their mind after the first few shots.

We want performance and an excellent gunplay experience. As we’ve already established, Bethesda with the Creation Engine failed to give us those in the past.

I hope this iteration of Fallout 4 is released because Bethesda will learn from its mistakes somewhere down the road. I hope Bethesda will give us a game that brings a new storyline, locations, and exactly what fans want.

A severe good gunplay experience with great weapon models, physics, weight, performance would be welcome. In the game where I live, many mods give us that experience, and we can play it on our PCs at a low resolution without any problems.

Bad Quests and Purges

The main reason why Fallout 4 is a flop is how bland the quests are and how pointless they are. The Brotherhood of Steel is a well-written story, and the Institute is a well-written story too, but these aren’t the kind of missions that Bethesda wants you to do.

It’s not fun to play as an ordinary human doing everyday things! Why? They already did it with “Red Rocket!” And the big surprise to me is that the first game from Bethesda was actually fun and only because it’s old. I mean, they used to be good at making games.

But don’t get me wrong. It should be remembered that Fallout 4 doesn’t have good quests.

It has “duties” like they were in New Vegas. Fuck that! Before three, quests were the best thing in Fallout 3 or any other Fallout game. Quests are an essential part of any RPG, and Factions should have quests, too.

The main storyline is barely ever developed because it’s “go here, kill everyone and steal their stuff” most of the time.

I got bored of doing that after finishing the first few quests. I would like to see an actual storyline about what happened in Boston before and after the war.

Furthermore, every faction does the same thing that kills every human, so you will never get any sense of progression as a character.

Faction leaders are also foolish because they don’t know how to make decisions as good people do. For example, they do not have havok with an evil uprising, but all attack them at once instead.

These points can be improved by adding more factions or giving each section unique personalities, but that won’t change the fact that Fallout 4 still sucks.

Do Not Waste Your Time Playing Fallout 4

After reading my experience, you already got the bigger picture of why Fallout 4 sucks.

The truth is – the best games in this category are the ones that do not require any noticeable effort to make. And Fallout 4 is incredibly uninteresting.

What can we expect from Bethesda’s games? Lousy gameplay.

Overall, what we got with Fallout 4 is poor gameplay. The game does not offer any jumpscares, and all you can do is kill every little guy in the open world. There are no unique quests and almost no story.

Let’s stop making popular open-world games and focus on making great ones instead. An excellent example of this would be Mafia 3, which is fun to play because it focuses on delivering a solid storyline and great survival mechanics.

So our suggestion is – choose some other exciting games except Fallout 4 and enjoy your time. Till then… have a nice day!




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