Anime Sucks and Reasons Why I Stopped Watching Anime

Anime is a genre of animation that originated in Japan, and it’s usually characterized by stylized artwork, vibrant colors, and often fantastical themes. In the first place, what got me into anime were popular anime series like Death Note or Code Geass – shows with great characters and solid storytelling.

However, later I understood that it’s genuinely a waste of time & there are many reasons behind it sucks.

When we get lost in the world of anime series, we forget about the things that are truly important in life. But there are things in life that are bigger than anime series. There are relationships, families, and communities.

Overall, it’s just a bunch of weird cartoons with bad stories and even characters. There’s really not much to say about anime, is there?

Here in this article, I will share my personal opinion about why anime sucks and why you should avoid it for your own good.

Every Single Anime Sucks

There is a lot of anime shows that I believe are terrible.

One of them is called “Aquarius.” It’s about a girl who can see the future, and she uses her powers to help people. The problem is that the show is so dull and slow that it’s hard to stay interested in it.

Another terrible anime show is “Death Note.” It’s about a teenager who finds a book that allows him to kill anyone he wants by writing their name in it. The problem with this show is that the main character is really unlikeable, and it’s not fun to watch him commit murder.

One more lousy anime show is “Naruto.” It’s about a teenage ninja who tries to achieve peace in his world. The animation style is terrible, and the characters are too dull to care about.

Honestly, I don’t understand why people would want to watch Japanese culture when there are so many good tv shows and video games.

Furthermore, anime movies are also wrong. For example – “Ghost in the Shell,” an animation made for the big screen but still looks awful.

I think that animation styles should improve over time, not get worse. Not all animation styles have made their way into the 21st century yet, though.

If you look at anime from before 2000 or so, it’s really quite awkward compared to modern animation styles seen on television today. Anime is starting to catch on with animation fans, but it’s still not as good as the animation we see in non-anime cartoons and shows.

One anime fan said that he thinks animation styles don’t matter as long as good storytelling. However, I can’t entirely agree with such a statement because animation is such an essential aspect of any movie or show that I can’t ignore. It sets the tone for a story and allows viewers to immerse themselves in whatever they’re watching.

The Reasons Why Anime Sucks in Real-Life

There are many reasons why anime is terrible for you, and I’m going to prove that to you.

  • Anime is a waste of time

These series can suck up hours upon hours of your day that you could be using more productively.

It can take up to fifty or so anime episodes for those new to anime before you even understand what’s happening. There are so many figures and archetypes that are nothing more than filler or fluff.

Once you’re past all of that filler content, anime can quickly suck up another 100 hours of your time for a single anime series.

  • Anime is basically just pornography for nerds

You know it’s true. Suppose you want to go watch something with adult themes and mature material.

In that case, anime is often sexist with its objectification of women and over-emphasis on fan service. So you should leave this crap alone before it destroys your life.

Anime is all about sociopathic characters doing sociopathic things to each other while everyone acts like they’re normal, which makes any self-respecting individual want to run for the hills.

These series often glorify negative behaviors like drug use and suicide and desensitize you to these issues.

  • Anime is expensive

Anime is extremely expensive because these series come in DVDs Blu-rays format. It’s not uncommon for people to spend hundreds of dollars on a single series. And it’s especially true for collectors who want to own every single release. While some gems are out there, it’s usually not worth the money to watch most anime. If you will spend so much money to watch a lousy series, why not save yourself the cost and time?

  • Characters are weird

Honestly, anime characters look weird. The thing about anime characters is they all have big eyes, flat faces, and tiny mouths.

It’s kind of creepy, and I’d rather not watch cartoons that make me feel weird for looking at them.

  • Anime Comes with So much Violence

Anime is known for containing graphic violence and other disturbing imagery. Series like “Tokyo Ghoul” “Devilman Crybaby” includes scenes depicting rape, torture, and nudity. As a result, children might learn the other side of lousy society from these series. So better avoid it.

In a nutshell, everyone defines what an excellent animated series should be like based on their preferences and opinions. If you’re looking for something good to watch, steer clear of anime and check out some of the great TV shows and movies that are available instead.

Wrap Up Summary

I know I’m not alone with my opinion that anime sucks.

Every single anime out there is a waste of time and money. The only people who watch it are those with nothing better to do or those who think they can become famous by being the next Sword Art Online protagonist.

Also, you’ll never get the same experience watching it as someone who’s from Japanese culture. And the reason is you’re missing out on critical cultural references that only people from japan would understand.

Therefore, if you want to improve your life, I suggest stopping watching anime now. You will thank me later if you do this for yourself. Well, nobody deserves to be tormented by such terrible content all day long, every week.




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