Fortnite Sucks (Dangerous Addictive Game)

Fortnite was released in 2017, and since then, it has become popular over time and got many awards.

But you know what? Fortnite sucks. It’s nothing more than a waste of time. The game is a mindless shooter that offers players no real challenge or reward.

Worse yet, the game has become so popular that it’s sucking up all the time that you could better spend on other activities.

So if you’re looking for a superb way to waste your time, go ahead and download Fortnite.

Otherwise, you can check out the reasons why Fortnite sucks and how this game is messing with our lives.

Solid Reasons of Why Fortnite Sucks

  • Fortnite encourages competition

No matter how much you play, there’s always someone else to beat. There’s always someone else who has better weapons and better gear than you. And that’s not a joke.

In fact, the game features an actual rankings system where the players are placed based on their skill and performance, with top players getting exclusive rewards for winning each consecutive match session.

Thus, if you’re not playing with friends but rather by yourself, you become more competitive and motivated to keep improving your rank to remain at the top and continue receiving rewards.

  • Fortnite’s Battle Royale Mode is too easy to win

In most cases, it’s tough to win a game as you need a team of at least five players to beat the enemy team in a non-ranked game mode.

Even with a four-person team, it’s still hard to take down enough enemies when there’s only one place that the enemies die. And even if the few enemies are killed, usually all the other ones will respawn and come back to finish off your last remaining teammate.

But I’ve been playing Fortnite with my little brother, which means we were two people against hundreds or thousands of enemies each time we were in an online match. And no matter how hard they tried, they still couldn’t kill us both. Once they managed to kill me first and took my loot, all I was left with was my mustache.

  • No real challenge or reward

There is no real challenge in Fortnite. In the game, your main goal is to find scattered objects around the map and pick them up as they show up on your mini-map.

As you do so, you level up faster and get a buff or armor that you can use to survive. You also gain points by visiting various buildings and structures around the map and earn a different set of points when you complete challenges and puzzles.

This means Fortnite does not reward players for having fun playing it. It only rewards them for doing things repeatedly over and over, which eventually makes the game repetitive as well.

  • It eliminates all other modes from your life

As I mentioned earlier, Fortnite has become so popular that it has taken over all of our lives. Also, Fortnite’s overwhelming popularity makes other games less appealing.

This happens because most kids have grown out of games like “Angry Birds” and “Temple Run” when they’re about ten years old. After all, these games don’t require prior knowledge of how to play them properly or think outside the box to win the game (in most cases).

Here’s a quote that perfectly depicts how kids play Fortnite: “I put down my phone and pick up my controller. I’m not coming back until I get kills”.

Actually, Fortnite appeals to this type of kid because they don’t need to invest in the game. They can just play it repeatedly and get easily bored.

As such, it has eliminated all other games from our life. For example – “Sonic Dash” and “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” require you to have a good understanding of how to complete the tasks within them and not just blindly repeat the same lessons over and over to progress.

  • It’s unfair competition

Fortnite prevents players from competing with each other, which means that there’s no natural way for players in different countries/regions to compete for even one win on record – let alone 100 wins on paper.

It’s due to Fortnite’s progression system called Battle Pass, which allows you to unlock new challenges each week by playing said game. When someone finished the whole game, they could not compare their score to someone who hadn’t played it yet.

As a result, other players feel hostile towards the game, as they suddenly feel like they have to compete against a giant wall of progress.

  • Youtuber FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

It’s where Fortnite takes over the internet and turns it into a social media platform. YouTubers who have popular channels such as Cobrasnake constantly watch their own every moment on their fan pages and continuously want to see how many “Kills” they get in the game.

Many people on the internet have begun to stress over this fact and feel like they need to keep up with streamers’ progress.

As such, they no longer want to play other games, even if those games are better than Fortnite. The reason is each video requires constant “content,” which often leads to creators doing stuff that is discriminatory and illegal in nature, including making videos about shooting people and killing police officers (such as Cobrasnake).

  • It’s very addictive

People who play games such as Fortnite often claim that they feel addicted to the game, so they sometimes choose not to do anything else. Also, they prefer playing Fortnite instead of going out and meeting friends or doing work.

This is yet another reason other games are losing popularity, as time spent on Fortnite continues to grow faster than any other game, especially when it comes to mobile games.

As such, you find people who now have no life outside of Fortnite. So someone asked a developer: “Why would I invest time into this game if I don’t really have to?”

It also led me to think that maybe it doesn’t need an answer because it’s obvious how unhealthy and destructive the Fortnite game is.

All the negative things I’ve mentioned above are just a tiny fraction of what’s wrong with Fortnite.

Obviously, I haven’t even touched upon many more problems, such as how every time you make a kill in Fortnite, you have to wait 15 seconds until it actually registers on screen.

Reasons Why Fortnite is harmful to Kids

  • Fortnite doesn’t teach kids how to play fair or competitively. There’s no way you’re going to make 100 wins on record if you’re never playing against other people. They won’t learn to play competitively anyway unless they’re playing with a group.
  • It doesn’t show kids anything about the real world. Fortnite may seem like an authentic representation of our world where people can shoot each other with guns and build houses in the middle of nowhere. But if we look closely, we’ll see that it completely distorts reality. Fortnite distorts reality so much that it might make kids forget what’s real and what isn’t.
  • Fortnite teaches children to trust strangers they meet online, which is dangerous in itself. In today’s world, where cyberbullying is a huge problem, many people are being bullied online, especially children. It doesn’t mean that you should cut off children from playing online games entirely, but you should make sure they’re playing them with other people they know well and love instead of strangers who they don’t know at all.
  • It might destroy learning skills, in my opinion. It’s the most crucial reason we shouldn’t allow playing Fortnite for kids or teens nowadays. Because your child or teenager won’t have anyone to practice their motor skills with when playing Fortnite
  • It also applies to our kid’s social skills too. If they aren’t meeting new people every day, they won’t learn how to interact appropriately with others. Also, as much as kids and teenagers love playing video games, they need more interaction with others than that.

As you can see, there are many reasons why we shouldn’t encourage our kids to play Fortnite nowadays, even if it doesn’t seem so permanent at first.

Henceforth, this is why Fortnite is one of the worst games to play nowadays, along with other similar games like Minecraft.

Wrap-Up Summary

It’s so hard to believe that a game like Fortnite sucks so much. The graphics are terrible, the gameplay is repetitive and boring, and there’s nothing fun about it.

Also, Fortnite players continuously complain about numerous glitches and cheaters in the game. While some people may enjoy all of these aspects, they ultimately make Fortnite a frustrating experience for many gamers.

In Conclusion, if you’re looking for an excellent online multiplayer game to play with your friends, steer clear of Fortnite and check out one of the alternatives listed above instead.




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