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Social Media Posts. How much is too much?

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Social media platforms have opened up a new world for people to interact. People post about their daily lives and share many details with their friends and family. As much as we would want to involve people in our lives, how much is too much?

Putting Others At Risk

People who share pictures on social media should be aware that not only the people who are their friends and family see the post. You can easily tell someone about your life simply by posting pictures, putting tags with names and status update. You are giving away information that one is at home or your child’s school, what time they start or finish school. Be careful you are exposing to the world. You might put them at risk.

Reputation Building

Social media has made it easy to locate people. You can find old lost friends or relatives through social media. Therefore, in case you are looking for a job, online casinos in South Africa, or a school to carry on with your studies, authorities responsible will just go on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account and judge you from what they see. If you think that your post might embarrass you in front of your employer or family, it will be better if you do not upload it.

Also, put into consideration the digital footprint aspect. Do not tarnish your future because you once posted something with negativity. For example, posting negative opinions about homosexuals, politically affiliated posts, sexist comments or other improper comments can come back to haunt you in the future.

Deleting posts that are not appropriate can be a good start to a better reputation. You might be late in deleting such post if someone has a screenshot or download the post. You wouldn’t want unsuitable files to go viral and tarnish your reputation.

Identity theft

This is one of the frightening experience one can go through. Make sure that on your social media profiles, you are not giving too many details. A simple detail such as the date of birth can enable someone to hack into your system at school or business and steal your identity. You have to consider using best pokies online (online casino) level encryption to protect your business.

Academic individuals should be aware of posting too much about their achievements on social media. A simple screenshot can enable some to get employment through your hard-earned qualification. Food for thought.

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