USB-Powered Optimus Prime Speaker Head

I’m an 80’s baby and I was somewhat exposed to the animated series of Transformers. It was cool to watch but to the disappointment of many of my friends – I can’t say that I was one of the hardcore fans. I know that the real, true fans probably would change (if they could) tons of things to the movie franchise directed by Michael Bay which I actually happen to enjoy more so than the animated series. Sorry!!

Although I’m not a collector of products based on TV or movie characters, the Optimus Prime USB-Powered Speaker Head is kind of neat. This ear flaps on the speaker are able to swivel which will reveal a pair of USB-powered 5 watt speakers. Definitely not the most powerful speakers in the world but who cares, it’s Optimus Prime! The speaker also feature light-up LED eyes and features a standard audio jack plug for an mp3 device.

The Optimus Prime Speaker Head can be yours for $49.95 on Amazon.




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