Trillium Glare Vis’r Sun Shield – See Through Sun Visor

People always ask me why I don’t wear sunglasses. Until a few weeks ago, I would never wear sunglasses because no matter which design I picked, sunglasses just don’t suit my face. Because I drive a lot these days in the early morning, I’ve realized that I need to start wearing sunglasses for road safety reasons. To start off, I bought a cheap pair that I can damage and lose without having to dig deep in my wallet to replace them. But perhaps I don’t need to wear sunglasses after all thanks to the Glare Vis’r Sun Shield by Trillium.


With the Glare Vis’r Sun Shield, you never have to worry about forgetting your driving sunglasses since your sun visor turns into sunglasses. The Vis’re Sun Shield is made from tinted polycarbonate which will protect your eyes from the suns bright rays whether in the early hours of the morning or when the sun is starting to set. The device works just like a normal visor except that it’s see through. It attaches to the sun visor in your vehicle and you simply flip it down.

This product is also ideal for those who may have shorter stature or the elderly. You could also buy two and have one setup for the front passenger. You no longer have to worry about obstructed vision by the sun or by the visor. The Glare Vis’r Sun Shield comes tinted and will protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. And the best part is the price! It’s available for only $13.93 on Amazon.








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