Holi SleepCompanion – Light Bulb That Helps You Sleep

They say that you shouldn’t be looking at your laptop, phone, or tablet just before sleep as it will interfere with your sleep pattern. I’m guilty of doing that pretty much every single night. Over the last few years, I have been getting pretty terrible sleep. I don’t know if it’s actually from my laptop and phone but it could explain my lack of sleep. I’m too addicted to my phone to actually test this out. If you have trouble falling asleep whether phone related or not, you might want to consider the Holi SleepCompanion light bulb.

It may seem strange to resort to a light bulb to hep you fall asleep but this light bulb is “special”. The SleepCompanion is a clinically proven lighting solution that synchronizes with your body’s biological rhythm by generating the right light at the right moment with a smartphone App which analyses your sleep patterns. By doing so, it provides personalized advice to improve your sleep. The light gradually intensifies before your set wake up time. The light falls onto your eyes to reduce the level of melatonin and increases your level of energy. This prepares your body for a natural wake-up which is pleasant and refreshing.


The light being produced by the SleepCompanion adjusts to the hour of the day to math your melatonin-driven circadian rhythms. The light bulb dims and prepares your body to fall into a natural and deep sleep. If you still have issues falling asleep, you can analyze your sleep patterns and hopefully improve your sleeping habits.

The device helps you understand factors which may be affecting your sleep. You are also able to compare and track any improvements over the course of using this gadget. You will also get personalized recommendations and tips on how to get quality sleep.

The sleep companion is going for $99 which may seem like an expensive light bulb but is quality sleep not worth $99?




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