Top 6 Self-Defense Gadgets To Keep You Safe Wherever You Go

Although crime rates have decreased in the past years due to strict police enforcement and severe sentences, crime rates tend to increase tremendously in some countries with high poverty and unemployment levels. Therefore, even if they’re not justifiable, we can understand where crime rates come from. Unfortunately, in countries where such things happen, people have to defend themselves and live quite a dangerous life. However, that’s not always the case since it’s best to be aware of your surroundings at all times, regardless of the country you visit. 

Self-defense gadgets have been on the market for a while and are beneficial for anyone to use. However, not all are authorized, and you may need specific permits or proof that you need them. At the same time, when purchasing such a product, you need to learn how to use it properly so you don’t hurt yourself accidentally, as they must be handled with care. Let’s see what some of these gadgets are. 

Self-defense kits 

If you want to be prepared for anything, getting a self-defense kit is the best choice since it contains more products you may find helpful, for example:

  • A pepper spray gun is used for spraying the attacker in the face and eyes for the best effect. It should be used only if you or someone else are actively in danger, which is why in some countries, it is forbidden to own a pepper spray gun.
  • A stun gun can temporarily disable a person’s ability to move due to its high-voltage electric shock. There are many types of stun guns that can fit into your palm (for runners, hikers or campers);
  • A flashlight can efficiently disorient an attacker, giving you more time to escape. It can also be used for striking an aggressor or as a signal for assistance;

You’ll always find DVDs or manuals on using these products inside the kits, so consider reading them carefully. Such self-defense kits are quite easy to carry around since they’re smaller, but stocks can run out quickly, which can become troublesome if you travel often. 

Emergency whistle 

A non-violent solution to such inconveniences would be to have an emergency whistler. Sometimes, making some noise is enough to scare the attacker and keep them away until you find a safe spot. Look for powerful whistles that emit louder noises so you can be heard from far away. These can be efficient when wild animals surround you since they can scare them off. Most whistling products are easy to use; you only need to place the device on your hand and press the button, which will release an unsettling sound. 

However, the only drawback of an emergency whistler is that the attacker might not be scared by the sound and still try to approach you. You still need to be prepared with another self-defense device in these cases. 

Portable Door Lock

Most common criminal injuries include cuts, bruises, and broken bones. Sometimes, victims can also experience emotional pain or psychological injuries. Still, people can claim compensation after experiencing criminal injuries and, according to, payment can start from £2,400 and reach £33,000, depending on the type of injury and the gravity of the situation.

Unfortunately, many of these cases take place at people’s houses. So, if you want to ensure you’re safe living in your house and no one can enter it, you could get a portable lock door for an extra layer of security. These devices can be easily installed on any door, and you can find many options to match your needs. Some of these products also have a built-in alarm that will warn you if someone tries to force the door. Moreover, as it’s quite easy to carry around, it can also be used as a weapon, but it might not be as effective as pepper spray.

Steel Baton

In some cases, having a baton with you is necessary. Treated steel batons are from heat-treated steel for strength and durability, providing a pointed tip for added self-defense features. It’s the perfect tool in your car if you’re traveling long routes at night. It’s an essential tool, especially for truck drivers that park their vehicles somewhere at night and sleep since they’re ten times more likely to be harmed on the job than the average American worker. A steel baton has a good range for attacks and is durable but not that compact, so you can’t carry it around with you. 


A kubotan is one of the most effective self-defense devices. It’s a simple keychain weapon with no more than 5.5 inches and is usually made of hard high-impact plastic (Lexan). Although it’s a more extreme tool, it can be highly efficient in cases where aggressors are more violent. It’s usually intended to target the bridge of the nose, stomach, temple, and more. As practical as it might be, you may need some training to be prepared for using it since you need more force and tactical ability to hit a spot that’s not deadly but can put the attacker down. 

Seat belt cutter 

If you find yourself locked in a car, this device, with multiple purposes, can help you escape and call for help simultaneously. It looks like a keychain and acts as a:

  • A personal siren alarm that can draw attention at distances as far as 600 feet;
  • Glass breaker (only for tempered glass);
  • Belt cutter since the keychain has a razor-sharp blade;

This device contains all that is essential for escaping from being trapped in a car but can also be efficient in other cases, so you should purchase it if you travel often and are around strangers most of the time. It’s also a practical tool that you can use even in non-dangerous situations. 


If you want to buy a self-defense tool, it’s best to check if it’s illegal to own it and what documents you need to provide to prove these devices are used only for self-defense. 




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