Things to Consider Before Gaming Professionally

Browsing through all the gamers on Twitch or YouTube can make you a little envious. When you told your teacher your job was going to be playing Mario Kart, she laughed at you. Well, it’s a brave new world, one where playing Mario Kart is in fact a job description.

Twitch and YouTube are saturated with gamers earning brand deals, sponsorships, and donations. Why can’t that be you?

Before you grab that headset and get started, read on for our list of things you should consider before diving into the gaming industry.

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Do you have the right gear?

The main setback for most gamers is hardware. If you and your Xbox have been through thick and thin your entire life, your Xbox might experience sibling rivalry as you come home with a gaming computer.

Sure, you can broadcast your gameplay with a Twitch or YouTube app in your console, but PlayStation can sometimes block streaming entirely, with companies like Persona 5’s Atlas including in-game functions that stop their titles being streamed.

Other considerations include high-resolution monitors, stereo speakers, a computer chair, a backlit keyboard and to make sure your computer has a gaming CPU.

As you can probably guess, all of that will add up. Becoming a professional gamer will need investment. You can do it all at once or attempt to pay as you grow. Hopefully, if you’re already into gaming, a lot of this you’ll already have.

What is your brand?

And then there is your brand to think of. Why should anyone watch you?

Twitch and YouTube are dripping with gamers playing to millions of fans. Why should any of those fans watch you instead? Is your wit going to be your selling point, like PewDiePie? Or the trash-talking Dr Disrespect? Or do you have a team of friends you can build a great rapport with, like Pokimane, Valkyrae and the rest of The OfflineTV house?

Or maybe you like the competitive side? If you’re good you could be enrolled in a team and play tournaments around the world. Investor and philanthropist Tej Kohli, for example, is an investor in Team Vitality, which plays everything from Fortnite to FIFA. The eSports industry has recently seen investment from big names like Tony Hawk and David Beckham, causing the sector to boom like no other.

Don’t forget your own health

Unlike gaming, you can’t just swallow a particular potion and instantly become an Adonis that doctors will present as an example of perfect health. Plus, unfortunately carpal tunnel syndrome isn’t the only thing that can affect you.

A few hours of practice a day can mean sitting in one position for hours. Have you seen Emma, the model of office workers of the future? You won’t want her hunched back, swollen limbs, and rotund stomach from spending all day in your gaming chair – or the health problems that come with sitting for an extended period like lower back pain, obesity, cancer, dementia, and heart disease. There are ways to avoid Emma’s lifestyle, thankfully. Make sure to keep a proper posture when sitting and exercise regularly. Hold yourself to the same standard you would expect an employer to and give yourself regular breaks. You can walk around your room and simply stretch to avoid some pain.




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