The Best Parental Control Apps on Android and iPhone

Because as adults, we are all surrounded by technology and smartphones have taken over our lives, our kids use us as an example, and they spend several hours on their cell phones as well. A mobile phone is most often interpreted as internet access. Of course, the internet has so many benefits, and it is the ultimate source of every kind of information and knowledge. However, children can’t filter what is right and what isn’t, so they need our guidance and wisdom. This is why many companies developed parenting control programs and apps for PC and mobile phones, which work both in Android and iPhone. We have put together the best of them that you can install for free. The free parental control apps we’ve put together below will allow you to manage and block specific features to monitor your children’s activities better. Let’s see them in detail:


OpenDNS has two free versions: OpenDNS Home and OpenDNS Family. OpenDNS is a web filtering application that eliminates the dangers of e-fishing. It has 50 different web filtering categories, enabling parents to keep track of what their children are doing. OpenDNS Family has a pre-installed adult content blocker. If you are looking for something more, they also offer VIP packages. Kids won’t have access to sites like casino NetBet which is only allowed for adults, but thankfully the grown-ups can have a lot of fun by playing more than 1000 games safely.


If you are also looking for a basic and simple application, KidLogger is one of the best options. The free version is designed to track up to five devices and retains a recording history of up to nine days. Available on Android, Mac, and Windows devices. On Android devices, you will be able to monitor your child’s internet activity while browsing, while you can also control several other activities, such as playing time, SMS, calls, etc. Although, it does not prevent access to websites, you can choose specific keywords that enable automatic screenshots. Paid versions provide you with the ability to record up to 30 and 60 days, tracking up to 10 devices.


Qustodio is also one of the best applications for parental control. It has a free version for both iPhone and Android phones. One of the main disadvantages of this application is that it restricts access to a single device and retains data for only seven days. However, it is a very convenient and easy to use application for monitoring your children. It works on various platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, and Kindle. In other words, it is one of the most flexible parental control applications that can be used on any device (smartphone, laptop, and tablet).

Qustodio will help you see the content your child is browsing, as well as block specific content. It also has premium versions, which provide the ability to limit the time in front of the screen, monitor social networks, and block particular games. Finally, paid versions also offer the ability to check messages and phone calls. However, the upgrade has a reasonably high cost. Restricting the free version, however, is not a wrong choice at all.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Another useful parental control application is Kaspersky Safe Kids. An application that, although with limited features in its free version, can be quite helpful. We will not analyze more details about this application since we have already done so in the article: Free applications for monitoring children, where you will find useful information for this and other monitoring applications for your children.

Kids Place – Parental Control

Kids Place – Parental Control is a beneficial parental control application that will help you create a safe online environment for your child. In particular, you can control your child’s browsing to be safe and not exposed to inappropriate content. Your kids will be able to have safe fun as you watch their online activity. If the child uses your mobile phone, then Kids Place can be used to restrict access to specific applications that you deem inappropriate. You can also block transactions through games so that unwanted purchases don’t begin to show up.

Finally, this application is one of the top free applications for parental control. It provides a plethora of extra features. Kids Place can restrict access to specific applications while allowing access to the applications and games you deem appropriate. You can also use it to prevent your kids from buying toy credits. Finally, this application has a premium version with more features.




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