The Best Dota 2 Characters to Choose

Dota 2 is one of the most popular games on earth, and it isn’t hard to see why. There’s nonstop action, grueling battles, and then celebrating with your teammates after a win. Few games require as much skill and time as a Dota match does. 

Like all great games, it is packed with content, in particular, heroes. However, which hero is the best for you? Which hero has the abilities and powers needed to flatten your enemies or defend against their attacks? This is a list of the best heroes in Dota 2


Tinker is a hero whose ability in a game is determined by the current meta, whatever that meta may be at the time. However, he is a hero that can give your team an early advantage at the beginning of the game

He can harass enemy heroes without getting too close, and if you pick the right items, he can quickly snowball into a hero that can win your game quickly. He does require a lot of skill to use effectively, but if done right, he can be unstoppable. 


Supports are the backbone of any team. However, there aren’t many supports that are effective in battle and help your team tremendously. Omniknight can not only attack but can be the hero that turns the tide of any fight. 

He can heal teammates, grant immunity to spells, slow down, and even stop opponents in their tracks. His healing ability not only refreshes his teammates but acts like a nuke too. If you’re going to play support, Omniknight is the hero for you, or that could be the next hero on our list. 


Visage is one of the best heroes in the game. He’s a support that doesn’t require any farming in order to drop nukes, and he can also self-defend and self-heal when in battle. He is regarded as one of the most intelligent heroes in the game. 

However, he does require a lot of skill and micromanagement to play effectively, and since his abilities are so overpowered, more often than not, he’s banned. But still, he is played often in pro tournaments for obvious reasons.


Enigma was built for Junglers, and he combines Jungling and banking in a way that will decimate enemy teams if they don’t know how to deal with him effectively. Once Enigma is on the map, his only goal is to get a Blink Dagger. 

If the enemy team can’t stop this from happening, Enigma will blackhole them into oblivion. He is challenging to master, with Jungle being a challenging position to play, but enemies need to watch out once you have a handle on him. 


Warlock is a brilliant hero to support the carry and harass enemy heroes as you advance down the lane. Warlock shines with his upgrade called Aghanim’s Shard, which upgrades his W and applies to all units with a 450-unit radius. 

It also grants all allies a 10% movement buff and slows enemies down by 10%. Dropping a giant rock on your enemies using Chaotic Offering and then hitting them with a Fatal bond is a surefire way to give your team the edge in a fight. 

Dark Seer 

Dark Seer is unique in the sense that he can fight solo just fine. Mid-lane is almost always a solo lane, but Dark Seer sets himself apart by soloing in the long lane. If you have been playing Dota for any amount of time, you can already see the advantages here. 

This allows your team to three-person the short lane, or two-person it if there is a Jungle. No enemy hero can overcome this advantage apart from Dark Seer himself. His ability to make enemy heroes fight their clones makes Seer an excellent choice for newbie or veteran players. 

Bounty Hunter 

If you’re a player that wants to roam the map, harassing the enemy team, making a nuisance of yourself, or being the hero version of a complete pain, Bounty Hunter is for you. Hunter has one job, guerilla warfare. 

You want to run in and out of lane, hitting and dodging as you go. You want to be the one that stops enemy support and ruins any strategy they might have. Getting the movement and perfect Hunter strategy down will take some time, but it is well worth it. 

Centaur Warrunner 

Warrunner is an absolute unit of a hero that can make himself almost unkillable if you play your cards right. There’s some work needed to get him to that point, but nothing you can’t handle if you know what you’re doing. 

He plays in the lane, and skilling up your Hoof Stomp, Retaliate, and then Double Edge will give you not only the power you need to attack but also the ability to retreat and regroup if a fight is going a bit pear-shaped.


Puck is a ranged intelligence hero that can pull off highly aggressive attacks, as well as daring escapes. He’s hard to hit and lockdown, making him a target that enemies will want to hit but will fail to do so time and time again. 

Puck and Blink Dagger combine to create a hero that can appear out of nowhere, hit and confuse your opponents, and disappear again before they know what to do. Puck isn’t for the newbie player, but he’s a hero you won’t regret using. 


Finally, Juggernaut. He does exactly what it says on the can; he is a melee agility hero who can charge into enemies with an impenetrable flourish of blades that can cripple an enemy team. 

He can also grant himself invulnerability and spell immunity, meaning when he’s on the attack, you can’t even stop him. He is easily the best hero in the game, and whether you’re a beginner or expert, you’re either picking him as fast as possible or banning him just as quickly.




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