8 Useful Multi-Player Gaming Tips for Beginners

The gaming world has evolved so much that millions of people around the world now see video games as a favorite entertainment. The most amazing part of it is that you get to contend with other players online irrespective of their geographical location.

However, playing a multiplayer game for the first time can be frustrating and most of the time, hard for users who haven’t gotten acquainted with its rules. Multiplayer gaming is so much different from the single-player mode, in that AI players can be predictable sometimes in the single-player mode, and their pattern of gameplay can be easily mastered. But for multiplayer gaming, you are up against a human player, which makes the experience a whole lot different, and difficult. 

But here’s the gist. The fact that you’re a newbie doesn’t mean you won’t level up. You don’t let the negative experience with other badass gamers crush your spirit. Gaming is a process. In this article, I’ll be sharing with you 8 tips that you should know about multiplayer gaming for beginners. Excited already? Grab a cup of ice cream and let’s roll.

  1. Be intentional about having fun

As obvious as it may sound, most newbie gamers seem to forget this part and see gaming as a competition or a contest instead. On a normal ground, most people view gaming as a means of exercising and shaking off accumulated stress gathered in the brain. One of the basic aims of games is to pull you into a whole new experience away from the real world, without having to face the consequences of real-life experiences. Gaming isn’t meant to add more stress and tension to your body system. So in the meantime, relax, throw the competitive mindset into the trash can, and enjoy your game to its fullest. 

  1. Play your type of game

More often than not, the phrase “online gaming” is often attributed to the First-Person Shooters (FPS) like Maze War and Fortnite, or the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games (MMORPG) like Elder Scrolls Online and Dungeon Crawling. They are not the only online games available. 

There are other popular cool games like puzzle solving, chess, poker, and the likes. If you feel comfortable playing these categories of games, jump right into them. Just keep playing it with your friends. Feel the fun of it. You don’t have to flow with the crowd. 

  1. Learning the ropes

The error most beginners fall prey to is thinking they would skyrocket into being a pro gamer within the shortest time possible. Irrespective of the fact that this principle doesn’t apply to all online games, in general gaming, player proficiency has levels to it. Sticking to tutorials and guidelines is a huge way to sharpen your skills. For instance, in the Lost Ark multiplayer online game, a beginner would find it tasking to earn or buy Lost Ark gold mainly used as currency traded between players and as well feed into the game gear upgrading system. While you can earn more by trading player-crafted items, completing daily adventures and finishing gateway maps. This is more reason you should trust the process, and have fun all the way. 

  1. Getting used to the insults

One common negativity about multiplayer gaming is that there are bound to be negative remarks from opponents. Brace yourself for them. You are likely to receive racist comments, trash talk, derogatory statements, and the like. But you don’t let them get to you. During general chats, you will encounter foul-mouthed players bragging about their prowess in the game and belittling other low-level players. But these are only side distractions. You shove their negative words aside and focus on the love of the game. 

  1. Believe in yourself

As casual as this may sound, it remains a vital point to online multiplayer gaming. Believing in the fact that one day you will get to a pro-level does a great deal in harnessing your mind against pressures from other top players. Grow at your own pace. It’s not worth it to think you would grow into a pro in your first few trials. Watch YouTube videos on how to improve your gameplay. Just discover your way and grow through it. 

  1. Do not be an addict

It’s okay to love the game. It’s okay to see video games as a means of escaping the stress and headaches of the real world. Healthy stuff that is. But on the contrary, you shouldn’t let it get into your head, as this will expose you to a depressive state even if you get trashed by your opponent. Don’t spend hours and hours on it every day. It’s advisable to simply see online gaming as a fun activity and a brain exercise. Nothing more. When you notice it’s trying to sneak into your body system, kindly delete the shitty game. 

  1. Attach yourself to an online community. 

With regards to the fame multiplayer games have gained over the recent years, it’s awesome to know that there are a lot of online gaming communities suitable for your current level. You can join the community created majorly for beginners and become a part of them. On these platforms, you will get yourself acquainted with tricks, hacks, plots, etc. Such communities are amazing places to grow in your gaming skills. 

  1. Enjoy

Above all and the most important thing, enjoy the fun that comes with it. This is indeed the basic reason for creating video games, not? As a matter of fact, this is only another kind of entertainment. Take your time in understanding the nooks and crannies of the game, which is the reason I advise you to choose the ones you’re more comfortable with. It’s also healthy to start with friends you already know, as this builds your confidence and comfort. And make sure you drain every bit of fun from it! 


These are only a few of the numerous tips that will help you in playing multiplayer games as a newbie, and following these tips explained in this article will massively boost your confidence therein. If you are a ground-level beginner, do ensure you learn the nitty-gritty of the games you choose, then fix a gaming session with your friends. And there you have it.




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