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Officially Licensed Star Wars Hoodies

Star-Wars-HoodiesIf you’re a star wars fan (or were ever a kid), chances are you’ve dressed up as one of your favorite characters from the iconic movie franchise, at least once in your life.  To make that dress-up process a little easier, now you have a few more items you can choose from with the cool looking officially licensed Star Wars Hoodies.

You get three choices: Boba Fett, Darth Vader, or Storm Trooper.  Each hoodie is made out of 60% cotton and 40% polyester and they come in a variety of sizes from Medium to XXL and are priced fairly at $49.99 each.  One of the cooler features of the Star Wars hoodies is the ability to zip up the front of the hoods which have meshed holes for the eyes.  This makes the costume looks realistic and also provides protection from the cold weather or if you plan on attending a riot, you don’t need to worry about using a bandana to hide your face. Read More →

LED Light Up Crystal Earrings

LED Light Up Crystal Earrings for Geeky Girls

I don’t pretend to know anything about women’s fashion, but these light up crystal earrings for women are pretty cool. They fit perfectly in our Geek Fashion category.  I know, I said earrings for women, but I’m sure they can be worn by guys… if they’re adventurous enough.

The LED light up crystal earrings come in 3 different colors: white, blue, and red.  They’re a perfect way to make a geek fashion statement, and if you’re looking to be the talk of the party, they’re a must-have.  And not to mention, they’ll surely brighten up any room, no matter how gloomy and dark. Read More →

Joker All View Hooded Sweatshirts

Joker All View Hoodie

Late last year we wrote about the Batman All View Hoodie, not to discriminate against villains, today we present the Joker All View Hooded Sweatshirts.  Just like the Batman hoodie, the Joker hoodie comes with a menacing image of the Joker on each side of the hood laughing at passers-by on the side.  The front of the hoodie has an outline of a suit because we all know the Joker likes to dress up for all occasions.

Buy It:  $48.99

Super Batman T-Shirt

batman superman logo t-shirt

Here’s the next step forward in geek fashion, a t-shirt that celebrates Batman and Superman and combines their logos into one, making the “Super Batman”.  The t-shirts are available on ebay for £9.99 – I don’t know about their legality but then again, I slept through the “copyright law” section of my college courses.

Buy It:  £9.99

White Star Compass Necklace

White Star Compass Necklace


A compass is not just a navigational instrument that measures directions in a frame of reference; it also looks cool when worn as a necklace. This one also has a little romance to it with “R.M.S Titanic” engraved on its back. Well, Kate might not have worn this around his neck when Titanic ran into the iceberg, but this compass has a little historic touch. At least you won’t be lost on your next adventure because this one has complete functionality with a frame of reference that defines the four cardinal directions. Intermediate directions are also defined. The compass rose is marked on the compass and the “N” mark on the rose really points to the north.

Buy It:  $24

Batman All View Hooded Sweatshirts

Batman All View Hooded Sweatshirts

Whether you’re a die-hard batman fan or not, this Batman sweatshirt is pretty awesome! This sweatshirt is sure to make anyone feel like a superhero. It comes in a sleek turquoise blue color with the Batman logo right on the front. The even cooler part about the Batman hoodie is the Batman face on the sides of the hood, when you have the hood up on your head, it looks like batman is staring at people on the left and right.

The Batman All View Hooded Sweatshirts are made out of 80% cotton and 20% polyester and are sure to keep you warm. They come in all men’s sizes and is available on Amazon from $49.44, a bit on the pricey side but you can’t really put a price on “cool”.

Banana Republic Glittered Belt

Banana republic glittered belt

If a new holiday outfit is not on your budget, don’t worry! You can turn your favorite blue jeans into party pants with simple addition of this skinny glam belt. Even, for some reason, if you don’t like tucking your blouse in, you can just wear an un-tucked shirt and cinch it in with this belt. You can buy one for $35 from Banana Republic.

Buy It: $35


Marnie Dress

Marnie Dress

What really makes this $196, silk dress so lovely is its delicate snowy night pattern. Wrap a gold belt around it for even a fuller festive look. This is not a dress just for the holidays – this all season dress will take you right into spring.

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