Bright Feet Light-Up Slippers

Fashionable and functional, that’s the idea behind Bright Feet Light-Up Slippers; well maybe not fashionable but they are very functional (at least to me).  In the summer, I usually get up once a night to either drink water or to do the opposite and I hate turning on the light, it wakes me up too much.  I always keep a small pen LED light so I don’t bump into things while I make my way out of the room.  I might not need to keep that light next to my bed thanks to Bright Feet Light-Up Slippers.

The Bright Feet slippers are just like your average slippers but there’s nothing average about these beauties.  The slippers come with a built-in LED light that illuminates up to 25 feet; the lights are switched on when weight is put on the slippers and there is a built-in light sensor that only lets the light switch on in the dark.

The Bright Feet Light-Up Slippers come in three sizes (small, medium, and large) and come in two color combinations (beige or camouflage).  They are available at As Seen On TV for $19.95 or for $24.99.

Slippers with built in lights




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  1. I NEED new lighted ladies slippers for an upcoming total hip replacement. Been online all afternoon and all I can find are Child sizes. PLEASE HELP me find some in size 8/ladies. I shall forever be grateful! Can’t figure how to order them on your site. There is no link to purchase them….wtf? Thanks, again!

    • There are two links to purchase them. As Seen On Tv no longer carries them and they are Sold Out in the second link. And has many sizes available. The size you’re looking for would be Size Medium. Mediums fits Mens (7-9) and Women (8-10).


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