Evil Robot Design Toy Lamps

When I was a kid I had lots of toys and when I’d get tired of a certain piece, I’d grab a hammer and take the poor toy to the back yard and send it to Valhalla.  Thankfully most kids don’t treat their toys like I did and some even save their favorite toys well into adulthood.  Now a company called Evil Robot Designs has an awesome use for those old toys, they make bespoke lamps out of them for grown-ups.

The company only uses toys to create these lamps and applies gloss finish paint to the action figures that form the base of the lamp.  The company either uses action figures from some very popular TV series and movies (Star Wars, Spider Man, The Matrix, Thunderbirds, and He-Man) or can commission a lamp with toys provided by customers.

The end result is some very cool looking lamps that don’t look childish and actually look quite elegant and modern.

Evil Robot Design Toy Lamps Pictures




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  1. It’s really attractive design for table lamps… I have visited website which was suggested by you. There are too many color variation over there. I am eager to buy these lamps to sell on my online retail stores. Let’s see what happen next? Thanks for sharing…


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