Glow In The Dark Hat/Skull Cap Beanie

Winter is upon us and to stay warm we wear heavy clothing that includes hats (toques, beanies etc.), gloves, and scarves.  For some reason we wear darker clothing in the winter and with shorter days it gets pretty hard to be seen while waking, especially if you throw rain into the mix.  You could get one of these funky glow in the dark hats, you know you will be seen!!

The glow in the dark skull cap beanie can also be used for other purposes, such as wearing it to a rave.  I’ve never been to a rave but have heard those guys and girls like shiny things for some reason.

During the day, the glow in the dark skull cap looks like a regular white toque and only really comes to life when it gets dark and light hits it.  The hat glows for hours with a bit of exposure to light or will light right up with exposure to black UV light.  Because the beanie is white, it can also be decorated with black markers or glow in the dark paint, think of the possibilities!  It would go nicely with the Thermowear Heat Sensitive T-Shirt.

Buy It: $14.99

Glow in the dark toqueglow in the dark skull cap




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