Social Media Marketing Is Essential For Local Businesses – Here’s Why

The idea that people jump on social media to find businesses is a myth. It demonstrates why
business and online analytics shouldn’t be trusted when you are trying to gain usable insights.
When people want a product, they go to Google, or straight to their seller of choice (like Amazon).
However, when people want reviews, demonstrations, comparisons and tutorials, then they are
happy to float over to social media. If people are looking for your services or products in your local
area, then having relevant information on social media is outright essential; and that information
should be coming from you.

You Should Provide the Information

Just to clarify the point made in the introduction. People are going to float over to social media
from apps, Google and from other websites. They find themselves on social media when they want
reviews, unboxing videos, demonstrations, etc.

Other people are creating this content, which is fine, but you should be creating it too. Other
people are making unboxing videos, reviews, demonstrations, tutorials, and you should be
producing them too. You have full control over the output, so you can be sure all your messages
are positive. Plus, if you are marketing to people in your area, you can show people where they
can buy your products/services, how to find you, what you offer in person and so forth.

There Are Local Social Media Groups

These days there are groups all over the place, and many of them center around towns and cities.
In some ways, they allow people to pass out news and warnings, and in other ways they are ways
of grouping up demographics for marketing purposes. If you live locally, you can become part of
these groups and perhaps influence them (subtly in person or by issuing branded messages).

You Can Buy Your Way In

Getting attention locally doesn’t have to be a long and time-consuming process. You can use
websites like, and buy the social media profiles of people who live in your area.
They already have followers and subscribers in your area, and they have no way of knowing that
the social media profile has changed hands. You don’t have to masquerade as somebody else, you
simply post your marketing and branding messages and get your message out to people in your

Even if you are not making direct conversions in the local populace, there is a drip marketing effect
where people are less apprehensive about businesses and brands that they have heard of. Even if
you are not getting conversions, you may inadvertently weaken the sales resistance of some of the
people in your local area.

Location Tags (Kinda) Matter

A lot of confusion exists over location tags. Let’s say you upload something to Rumble or TikTok,
and they ask for your location. That doesn’t mean they are going to show your content to people
in your town. Your content will still go national, and in some cases international. The location tags

are for people who are searching for very specific things in your area. Under some circumstances,
a local business may receive more attention from viewers are searching for posts in that area.
For example, if you are selling an e-book and you put your location tag as “New York,” then people
searching for e-books in New York will not find you. However, if people are searching for a hair
salon in New York, and your location tag says “New York” then there is a good chance the user will
see your content.

Location tags do not buy you any additional or preferential audience. Your content is still spread
out all over the Internet. If they did buy you a preferential audience, then everybody would put
location tags in the biggest cities because they have the most potential viewers. Ideally, you
should add location tags to your content if the location is relevant to the post or the product in
hand. Otherwise, the location tag doesn’t really do very much.




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