Smart Brand Aohi Releases Magcube, the World’s Smallest 30w Charger for iPhone and Android Phone

Aohi, the smart brand of world’s leading charger supplier Aohai tech, are pleased to announce the global launch of first product – Magcube 30W charger, which is the world’s smallest 30w charger. Magcube was released in China mainland in April. Many tech geeks tested and spoke highly of it, agreed that Aohi audaciously challenges expectations and successfully pushes charging limits.

Powered by GaN+ Tech, Ultra Small

Based on the rich and innovative technology research and development of Aohi, powered by the latest GaN+ technology, Magcube is not only smaller in size, but also more efficient in power-transmission and energy dissipation. The Magcube achieves to support 30 watts dramatically in the size of Apple 5w portable charger. The size is 1.1*1.1*1.26 inches, which makes its watt density reaches almost 1.18W/cm³ while others are less than 1W/cm³ in the market.

USB-C Power Delivery, Super Fast

Magcube is equipped with USB-C power delivery, it can charge your iOS/Android devices up to 6 times power and 3 times faster than normal 5w chargers. Adopted the same Power Integration chip with leading brand Apple and creative 3-stage intelligent charging tech, Magcube ensures high quality protection and fast charging.

Improved Portability and Compatibility

Magcube 30W supports many fast charge protocols, including PD2.0, PD3.0, QC2.0, QC3.0, QC4.0+, PPS, Apple 2.4, and BC1.2. It was meticulously built and tested to identify your electronic devices automatically, then update the setting, to ensure your battery’s durability and safety. It is superior to fully charge your smartphone, pad, laptop, switch, Bluetooth headset, and other accessories. 

Equipped with an indicator light, Magcube can easily provide you the current charging status. When LED’s color is amber, it means your device is under fast charging status, solid blue under standard charging status, and solid green under trickle charging status. It is convenient to see the charging status.

CNC Design, Stylish and Sleek

What else makes Magcube stand out from other chargers?With an eye-catching and bold new style, Magcube has a stunning surface with CNC and Precision carved diamond vein design. There is also an extra metallic port to ensure longer lifespan. Magcube 30W perfectly combines stylish design and prestige texture, which will provide an elegant look as well as soft and comfortable touch.

Price and Availability

The Aohi Magcube 30W is available at $29.99(list price) in Aohi official website and Amazon store. For more details about the product, pricing and availability, visit Aohi Amazon store.

About Aohi

Aohi, an independent brand of listed company Aohai technology(stock code: 002993), aims to apply innovative techniques to develop charging devices, to provide complementary and valued added smart devices, services and solutions to charging industry.

To charge, to explore, Aohi is dedicated to empowering the smart world and delivering an exceptional smart life experience.

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