Ride-On Electric Cruzin’ Cooler Scooter

ride-on electric cruzing cooler scooter

Tired of dragging those heavy coolers or carrying them on your back to your parties? Well now it is time to get back on top of them and enjoy the outdoors. The Electric Cruzin’ Cooler is an efficient and stylish way of transporting yourself, your food, and your drinks. The cooler is somewhat low to the ground and may not be able to negotiate certain speed bumps or uneven ground but in those rare cases you can lift the cooler or drag it. This motorized chest is light weight and can carry 200 lb. (including the rider)

The 300-Watt Electric Cruzin Cooler is around $700, while the 500-Watt model will cost you about $900. You can also find out about the 700W, 1000W and 2000W models via Baron Bob .




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