Renew Your Irish Passport: a How-To Guide

Each person that holds an Irish passport should renew their ID document every 10 years for it to stay valid. So, if it’s about to expire, start the application process to get a new passport. There are several ways you can do it: in person, by post, or online. The latter is the fastest and the most convenient way. Read the article to find out what the process will look like for you.

Straightforward Online Procedure

Head to the online passport service and answer simple questions. Those include the purpose of renewal, whether you’ve changed your name, how long has it been since the last renewal, etc.

NOTE: this service is not suitable for you if you’ve never submitted biometrics or it has been more than 15 years since the last renewal. Once you update your biometrics information, you can go forward with the online application

34 or 66 Pages Passport Book

You’ll be offered to choose between standard or large passport books. They cost €75 and €105 respectively. Opt for the latter if you travel a lot and need space for your visas. There is no reason to purchase the large one if you’re not a seasoned traveler. Both are valid for 10 years.

The Required Documents

You don’t have to verify your identity if you renew your passport. This is the info you’ll need to provide:

You’ll be asked to enter this data when filling in the online application.

Passport Photo Requirements

Your photo must meet the official specifications to be accepted by the online system. The most important are:

  • The digital sizes are over 715×951 pixels
  • A light grey/white background
  • The head is in the middle and takes over 70% of the picture

Take the Photo from Home

Taking your photo at home and editing it online saves lots of time and effort. Use your smartphone to take the image or ask someone to assist you. Go at it several times until you get a perfect one. Then upload it to the online passport editor and let it adjust the image to meet the specifications. It’s cheaper and saves you time on the commute to the photo center. In the end, you get an image that will perfectly fit the requirements, as well as a template of 4 photos for printing just in case you need it.

Tips on Taking the Photo at Home

  • Do not take a selfie, but ask someone to help you. The distance between you and the camera has to be about 1,5 meters. You can also use a tripod. Just make sure it’s well-placed to catch you standing in the focus.
  • No zooming in or additional editing is allowed. The image must feature your head and top of your shoulders for the required proportions
  • Pay attention to the shadow-lighting ratio. It must be even, without over- or underexposed areas

The Renewal Processing Times

It takes about 10 days for a new passport to be issued. When you complete the application, you get a confirmation number that you can use to track the status.

If you want to speed up the process, you can order an express service. In this case, you’ll get your document in less than 5 days and pay €75. If you need to get it on the day of application then your processing fee is going to be €150.

You’re not eligible for the service if you’ve changed your name or applied for the first time.

Why Is Applying Online Better

You can also apply in person or via post. However, it’ll cost more. It’s €95 for a standard passport book and €89.50 when using postal services. In addition, you’ll need to print out your photo. If you don’t have special equipment, you’ll have to pay for the printing at the copy centre.

Renewing a passport in Ireland is a fast process especially if the digital application is the chosen method. Just answer the questions and enter the required data. As for the photo, it’s convenient to take a shot from home and let a professional online editor make it 100% compliant.




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