Ranking The Four Best Strategy Games on PC in 2023

When you think about PC gaming, your mind may often turn toward titles such as Counter-Strike or Flight Simulator. These may be the marquee games enthusiasts love spending hours playing, given they involve so much action. Gaming on your computer, however, does not always have to involve rapid movements that require excellent hand-eye coordination and reflexes. Perhaps you want to give your body a rest while challenging your mind.

Strategy games are the best way to relax while gaming, with titles such as Civilization, XCOM, and Stellaris taking up hundreds of hours before you are anywhere close to finishing the game. If you have played all those games, you may be wondering about other titles that have caught the attention of gamers.

Below is our ranking of the four best strategy games you can play on PC in 2023.

1. Into the Breach

When people first play Into the Breach, they are confused about the genre of this game. Are they playing on a chessboard? Is the game about the unique characters that we are seeing? If you enjoy online games like poker or chess, you will find Into the Breach a brilliant strategy game you can appreciate for over 100 hours of gameplay.

The game is set in a future many thousands of years removed from the present, where humanity is facing off against an army of giants called the Vek who want to exterminate them. The player is in charge of soldiers wearing special suits, called giant mechs, which allow them to have the firepower to take on the Veks.

The game is fun to learn as you acquaint yourself with all the unique weapons, systems, and gadgets you can get for your players. But what sets this game apart is that to win at higher levels — you must outgun your opponent and outthink them.

2. Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

Playing historic battles within the Age of Empires world is one of the most fun experiences you can have as a PC gamer. If you are enthusiastic about world history or wars from a previous era, you will have a great time with this game.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition builds on the previous game in a stellar way, giving you even more unique maps, tools, and enemies to enjoy for hours of gameplay.

There is also a multiplayer community that is going strong to this day. If you are a newcomer, you do not need to feel like you missed out on the best era of playing this game, as Age of Empires II is still very popular among the PC gaming community.

3. Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos

An exciting role-playing game that you can enjoy on any modern PC, Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos is all about winning rounds through strategic maneuvering. Only by outthinking your opponent will you stand any chance of winning this career mode.

Another reason many gamers keep returning to the Warcraft series is its maps. There are so many unique places that you can visit within this world, while the game developers often come out with additional maps and game modes that you can purchase to further enjoy this game.

Reign of Chaos is an excellent choice if you are seeking a war strategy game to immerse yourself in for many hours.

4. Company of Heroes 3

One of the best reasons to play Company of Heroes 3 is the excellent multiplayer modes. While many strategy games focus on the single-player experience, this title gives you the best of both worlds.

Not only can you enjoy a great single-player career, where you are taking on enemies over hundreds of hours of gameplay. But you can also play multiplayer challenges against friends or other online opponents. With the single-player mode, you are put into a North African campaign where you fight in place of historic German commander Erwin Rommel. The goal is to drive the Allied forces away from the continent while ensuring you do not take on too many casualties.

To Conclude

Hoping to take on your enemies through clever strategy instead of mashing buttons on a controller or keyboard? If you are looking for something different from FPS games like Fortnite, Counter-Strike, or PUBG, you can find that and much more with strategy titles.

All the games outlined above would be a great way to spend your next few weeks. These titles have staying power, as the missions and campaigns can take hundreds of hours to finish. Strategy games challenge your mind in a way you may not have expected, as you must devise clever plans to ensure you are beating your enemies on the most demanding difficulty settings.




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