What Makes Apex Legends A Hugely Popular Game?

Apex Legends is a free-to-play, award-winning Hero Shooter that comes from the house of Respawn Entertainment. When you play this game, you can master an ever-escalating foster of many legendary characters having potent abilities. This game comprises some optional in-game buying of virtual currencies, and they are required for getting virtual in-game components that include a random choice of virtual in-game products. While playing this game, you can team up to battle for fortune and fame on the Frontier’s fringes. 

Using the hacks

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Conquering and customizing

You can tailor the appearance of your preferred Legends with camos, character skins, weapons, badges, etc. You can buy them using Apex Coins. 

Legends alter the game

While playing Apex Legends, you can explore many potent Legends, and each one is found with its abilities, strengths, and personalities. 

Tactical combat 

You can also master an expanding range of exclusive capabilities, potent weapons, and game-changing gear in various surroundings.

Ever-expanding universe 

You will find Apex Legends to be taking place in a highly immersive universe, and here, the story evolves continuously. Again, maps continue to change every season. Hence, novice Legends get involved in the fight. When you want to make your mark obvious in the Apex Games, you need to have many distinctive outfits.

How is Apex Legends unique?

Apex Legends is different from other games of Battle Royale as it includes human as well as robot heroes called Legends. These Legends are hero characters who have special tactics and abilities, and these features make them different in a battle. The skills of various characters of Apex Legends work extremely well with each other. They are also utilized for complementing the squad. And this feature makes their efficient fighting units. Apex Legends is unusual as it supports only 3-player squads. Hence, you can either play with only one friend or a duo. 

Another important difference you will come across when you play Apex Legends is one squad member chosen, and he works as the jumpmaster. He turns into the squad leader, who selects where his team has been landing. Watching him, other players also bound to the jumpmaster, ensuring that the team was together and prepared for action. Some other highlights comprise the capability of using ziplines for dashing across various spots of the map as well as different hot-air balloons that players can venture up. Players can also call in some things, such as airstrikes for dealing death on an enemy team. 

When you play Apex Legends, you can revive your fallen teammates too. Even if you find that a squadmate has died, you will be able to survive the battle. Again, you can also visit his loot crate and take up his data chip or banner to a respawn site. And then, from there, you can call him into the battle back. However, doing this turns into a risky process as it takes time. And it can also expose you to being killed. 

The characters of Apex Legends

Apex Legends sports many characters, and each one possesses its unique capabilities. These Legends have an ultimate and a tactical move. Currently, there are many main Legends that you can use, and you can also unlock many in the forthcoming days. If you wish to unlock other characters, you need to earn 12,000 Legend Tokens. Some characters you will come across are:

  • Bloodhound – Bloodhound is a character who can stalk enemies. Again, he can also disclose their location easily. So, players use him to see enemies through clouds of smoke, walls, etc.
  • Gibraltar – Gibraltar has a big personality, and he can protect his teammates from damage. He enjoys a highly defensive play playstyle. 
  • Caustic – He is an evil scientist having bad arrogance. He sports nox gas grenades and toxic gas traps. Caustic can see everyone who remains enclosed in the gas but survives.
  • Lifeline – He is a support medic who can deploy active and passive healing capabilities, and these comprise positioning a healing drone for giving teammates an additional health boost and activating small shields for protecting downed teammates when they get revived.
  • Bangalore – Bangalore is a real fighter who can sprint quickly while under fire. She can also sprout a smoke launcher to cover the squad.
  • Wraith – Wraith can manipulate spacetime, and she can also become invisible for a specific period.

The bottom line

Apex Legends is a popular hero shooter game that EA has developed, and in 2019, it was released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This game is acknowledged as a breakneck battle, and in this game, every match is different, and the strong emerges as the survivor. 




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