Practical Steps to Obtain a Certified Criminal Record

Today, people are becoming more safety conscious. With the rapid increase in the crime rate across the world, this self-concerned initiative is certainly significant. To keep yourself way from getting victimized by crooks, you should know how to access certified criminal record. To help you in this process, many international fingerprinting services have come into existence. They will assist you to obtain criminal background check and to gather sufficient proof to prosecute any suspect. They can provide you with certified copies of the suspect’s criminal records if available. So, if you are looking to obtain a certified criminal record, here are some are some helpful and practical steps to go through.

  • You should get a RCMP fingerprint form. In your form, there should be 10 rolled impressions on the topside of the form. Just below it, there will be a space for a flat impression.
  • The photo that you’re sending to the service provider should not be hazy. The face should be clearly visible on it.
  • Apart from giving a personal address, you have to give them a third-party address. The results of RCMP certifications will be sent to either address.
  • Everyone applies for the certified copies with a reason in their mind. Sometimes, they need the copies so that they can obtain a Canadian citizenship, visa, or to get permission for immigrating to Canada. You’ve to mention the right reason behind getting the copy.
    With the advancement in technology, accessing these kinds of copies has become very easy. Choose a fingerprinting service wisely and visit their website. Generally, they provide a download link for the form on their website. Most times, some of the services can allow you to submit your fingerprint electronically. This will allow them to check the criminal record accurately. It also minimizes the risk of wrongly associating the record with a person having the same name. Here, the person has to put his hands in the scanner and the print will be taken. It is as easy as that.
    However, it’s not only the fingerprints that are required to hand over the certified copies. Some other documents are also needed to complete the process smoothly and you can submit online or at the service provider’s office.
  • Valid permanent residency card
  • Valid photo id proof like the BC identification card
  • Valid nexus card
  • Birth certificate
  • If you’re a student, current student ID is needed
  • Citizenship card
  • Driving License

Several international fingerprinting services do not accept any kind of credit or debit cards. So, it will be better if you know their payment mode before availing their service.

Sometimes, the fingerprints cannot be processed due to different reasons. In such a situation, the police will have to submit a note that will explain in detail why the fingerprints cannot be taken through the scanner. This note should also consist of your rejected document control number. If you have chosen a reliable service provider, then they will get your fingerprints reviewed before collecting the original documents. It is indeed a time-saving process that takes away a lot of frustration from the seeker’s mind.

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