AirSelfie – The Selfie Taking Mini Drone

I recently heard that Disney has banned selfie sticks from being used on their Roller coaster rides, and rightly so, to avoid any untoward incidents. I am just wondering what they will say about this AirSelfie. I would still not use it on Roller coasters and other fast rides but then there is a world outside of the Disneyland and Disney World and what your AirSelfie can do.

Think of it as a tiny drone designed specifically to take selfies. It can fly up to 20 meters (66 feet) away, where you can take pictures with a 5MP camera and store them in its 4GB internal memory. It can also record HD-quality movies. The case comes with its own battery, so it charges the drone when not in use. On a full charge, the drone can fly for 3 minutes.

AirSelfie is compatible with a variety of smartphones. For non-compatible phones, a separate power bank is available that can be used to charge the drone up to 20 times. A $189 pledge will ensure you a drone, a phone cover and a Micro USB cable by March 2017.


AirSelfie 2




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