Perth Airport Incident: Has the World Learned?

Another drone incident reignites the debate on drone security surrounding airports. In Scotland, a drone sighting inside the Perth Airport caused alarms to ring all over.

The incident almost caused a direct collision between the drone and a small, light aircraft. The plane only had two people aboard – but that does not mean that the drone was in any less trouble.

Perth Incident

The story has similar aspects to most airport-drone mishaps. A drone flies inside an airport – a no-no considering it is a restricted flying area. A plane was scheduled for arrival, but the presence of the drone prevented this from happening. The plane managed to land a little while later, without any damage.

The drone however was close enough that the plane faced risk of crashing. Authorities came after, but the drone and its operator were long gone.

What Changed this Time

Before, these drone incidents were just that – incidents that never saw any conclusions other than reports and warnings. These drone sightings on airports have caused a number of flight cancellations, delays, and rerouting. In many of these cases, the operator and the drone in question were never seen again. Accountability is always an issue.

After several drone incidents, it looks like the world may be turning the tide against these rogue drones. Identification is now easier, with several countries implementing drone registration as well as licensing each one. Currently, authorities are trying to trace the drone’s info, along with the identity of the owner.

While there are still no solid leads for this incident at Perth, identification is easier than ever before. Currently, the shape, size, and identifying features of the spotted drone could help narrow down the search.

With drone registrations, licenses, and permits required for even the smallest of drones, these airport incidents may soon be a thing of the past.




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