Importance of a UK Business Phone Number for your Venture’s Growth

There are endless reasons as to why London is an ideal place for business. Accesses to a skilled workforce, supportive UK government, best infrastructure, its geographical location are just some of the features that are uniquely advantageous for initiating or growing business here. For this reason, the UK remains some of the most sought after places for many international companies.

While a multi-national, multi-millionaire company can easily occupy a London office, it is a distant dream for most of the small companies or start-ups. It often gets unrealistic for them to even think about having a workspace in the city that is known as a business hub.

But what if we tell you it is possible to have your business in London even with all those financial constraints? Yes! And a UK business phone number will be your savior.

If you do not understand what it is, virtual numbers have country code and area code in them, in order to make them look like actual local numbers. For example, a Liverpool-based number will begin with +44 0151, a Leeds-based number will begin with +44 0113, a Reading-based number will begin with +44 0118, and so on.

With a UK Virtual phone number, you can give an impression of having a London office (a number starting with +44 20) to your customers and that too at a fraction of a cost.

How do such numbers work?

When a customer calls your UK business phone number, he will be greeted with a warm yet professional message in his native language. He will then be offered a list of transfer options. According to the option they choose, their call will be immediately transferred without any errors, hassle, or confusion. This results in enhanced customer experience.

Here is why you must invest in a UK Business Phone Number if you are looking to set-up or expand business in the city.

Why you need UK Business Phone Number(s)?

As a start up or a small business, when you invest in a UK Business Phone number, you can expect the following benefits:

  1. Get the local advantage

If you are a businessman based in a different country or a different location in Europe and are looking to reach out to your prospects in London, you should start by taking a UK Virtual number for your business. This is a sure-shot way to reach out to a wider customer base and gain the trust of your British prospects almost instantly.

According to a recent survey, customers find a local number much more trustworthy than a number that has an international code prefixed to it. So when you add your UK virtual phone number to your business profile, you are not just reaching out to a new customer base but also winning their trust.

  1. It makes the customer service extraordinary

Irrespective of whether you are in your home country, travelling for business, or elsewhere, with a UK business phone number, you will never miss a business opportunity or as we may say, a call from a business prospect in London.

And it does not just end here! It also comes with better customer experience since the caller is greeted with a warm yet professional greeting in their native language, no matter what the time zone or their location of calling. Features such as Voicemails, Call Management System, call routing, etc. further enhance a customer’s experience.

  1. Enjoy the flexibility

If you are a millennial businessman who is unstoppable and loves to manage business while on the go, you will love the flexibility that aUK toll free numberoffers. Unlike the traditional phone system that needs a dedicated individual to take up important calls from the landline, your global phone number will let you work while you travel.

An entrepreneur can take all his calls on his preferred device with the help of the call routing feature and manage business even while they are travelling. The only thing they will need is access to internet. This means there is no time wasted while travelling, waiting for meetings etc. and there are no missed opportunities either.

  1. Different numbers are available

Unlike the traditional telephone number that fixes a business to a single geographic location, a global phone number gives you flexibility and also different variety of numbers to choose from. So when you are looking for a London business number, you have the option of 0207 as well as 0208 for both fax and phone. The option of 0800, a free phone number is also available.

With too many options by your side, you can choose to forward the calls to your preferred number and device so you never miss a call (read opportunity) even while you are travelling or away from work.

  1. Create a brand for your business

Investing in a global phone number is the simplest way to add a professional appeal to your business as well as create a brand out of it. A customer will definitely put more trust in a business that uses a personal mobile number invariably for all marketing purposes.

A global phone number adds to the credibility of a business, helps it to be recognized as reliable, and aids in etching a memory in a customer’s mind. A global number instantly makes a customer realize the fact that the business has an international customer base.

For instance, a lot of businesses choose to represent their company with a vanity-like number that can be easily remembered. For instance, 1800-4444444 is a vanity number. Such numbers do not just connect people but also help to create a brand out of a business.

So, if you are convinced that a UK toll free number is all you need to start operations in London, start with recognizing your business needs and learn about the different phone plans available. Then choose the one that is the most suitable. Some of the good companies also offer a 30-days money-back guarantee to their customers.




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