People Helping People: Our Favorite Problem-Solving Apps

Life is full of two kinds of people: those who are in search of something and those who have what those other people are searching for. From a place to park your car to a place to rest your head, the internet is bringing the two groups of people together. Here are a few of our favorite sites that allow people to help others resolve some of life’s most common problems.

Need a Parking Space?

When you’re on your way to an important meeting or a big event, you don’t want to waste time wandering around in search of a parking space at the last minute. YourParkingSpace is a handy app that allows drivers to plan in advance, renting parking spots for a day or even an entire month. Parking space owners can make income off of their unused spots and drivers get the convenience of having a guaranteed space waiting for them. Everyone wins!

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Need a Ride?

If you need a lift from Point A to Point B, don’t waste time calling and waiting for a taxi. Instead, use Uber. After installing the app and creating an account, you can select the type of car service you prefer (regular vehicle or luxury car?) before choosing a location for an Uber driver to pick you up. Uber drivers get the fun of being their own boss, only needing a driving licence and an approved PCO car, whether they’re driving full-time or earning a bit of extra cash on the side.

Download on the App Store here.

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Need a Place to Stay?

Renting a hotel is so blasé nowadays. Instead, check out the offerings on HomeAway. The site allows homeowners to put their properties up for rent to travelers. Whether you need a one-bedroom condo in the middle of the city or an expansive house that can accommodate your wife, kids, and parents for a vacation for the entire family, HomeAway brings those who wish to rent their homes together with those who need a way to get away.

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