Dragging Yourself into Work? This Secret Weapon Helped Boost My Energy and Mood

Oh, wow – does it suck to be tired all the time. I’ve never been a morning person, but earlier this year, I got a great-paying job that puts me in the office bright and early. By the time the afternoon rolls around and I make it home, I’m doing good to throw together a bowl of cereal and collapse on the couch to watch TV for a while before heading to bed.

A few months of this has started to take a toll on my health and my mood. I mean, man can’t live on bowls of sugary cereal alone. I used to love to cook homemade meals, but I was so tired that I had no interest in cooking them, let alone eating them. I wasn’t making time for exercise. I have always been an avid gamer, but hadn’t logged in to play in weeks.

In Which I Give Modafinil a Try…

A friend of mine told me that he’d gotten amazing energy-boosting results from Modafinil, so I went online to do a bit of research. It turns out that Modafinil helps tweak the part of your brain that affects your sleep/wakefulness cycle, increasing your energy and improving your mood during the part of the day when you need it most. It does this without the awful crash most people experience when they use caffeine and sugary snacks in an attempt to increase their energy during the day. It sounded interesting and I was sold.

Total Transformation

Thankfully, it was easy to order Modafinil online and my order arrived quickly so I could try it out. I tried just half a tablet on the first morning and noticed a huge difference right away. I was afraid I’d feel jittery, but half a tablet was just the right amount. I felt alert, focused, driven, and incredibly happy for the first time in months. I actually enjoyed being at work that day. The next day, I arrived home with enough energy to throw together a nice, healthy meal instead of a bowl of Fruity-O’s.

I found that Modafinil worked best for me if I took a half a tablet in the morning and followed it up with the other half in the early afternoon. Over the following week, I was a man transformed. One afternoon, I stopped by the gym on the way home and worked out, which made me feel even better than I already did. I also had enough energy and motivation to fire up my favorite games in the evening, much to the surprise of my buddies who thought they’d never see me online again.

Brain Reboot

While I won’t keep taking Modafinil forever, I think it just may be the key to helping me reboot my sleep/wake cycle and get me on track so that I can enjoy my new job and start experiencing and enjoying my life once again. I definitely owe my buddy a drink and a thank you.




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