Magwear Magnetic Wristband

Don’t you hate it when you are perched comfortably on the ladder fixing something on the ceiling or high up on the wall and drop that vital screw or nut and it happens to end up in the most inaccessible place under a couch or bed? I always wonder if it is a law of nature or it just happens to me.

Well, if you have been through this agonizing experience, Magwear Magnetic Wristband is now available to rid you of future stressful episodes of losing small nuts and bolts.

This attractive wristband holds a powerful magnet inside that keeps your small screws, nails, nuts and bolts together. It’s particularly ideal when you’re working high on a ladder or other awkward spot and have no other easy access for reaching your fasteners. The magnet is strong enough that small jerking movements will not knock off screws and nuts.

The wristband is adjustable and fits comfortably on most wrists or you could also strap it to your power drill. [Buy It]






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