Flat-Bike-Lift: Bike Rack That Folds Into The Ceiling

Home and apartment sizes are shrinking as small space living becomes a mandatory transition for many people. New ideas are emerging to maximize cramped spaces and find the best ways to maximize every inch of floor and wall surface. It takes smart design solutions that incorporate modulation and interior planning that conforms to everyday needs in an increasingly competitive environment of living space.

If you love bike riding but find your place too congested to store your bike indoor, here is an innovative solution to the problem. It is a bike frame mounted on the ceiling of your garage or room. The frame is fitted with pneumatic and hydraulic springs and will automatically go upwards and lock the bike overhead, with a little push. Mounting the bike up the wheel rail height is done manually. If your ceiling is taller, an optional extension is provided in order to reduce the height off the ground of the wheel rail. The frame can accommodate almost all models of bicycles and the gas spring may be positioned into any of the four different slots according to the weight of the bicycle.

The Flat-Bike-Lift is now available for $320.






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