Korean Drones Gather for Soccer Competition

Drones started out as a way to get vision in normally unreachable heights. They had cameras, rotating blades, and that was about it. You can use them to take photos, videos, or just explore the environment altogether. But now, people started to become innovative with its use.

In recreational sense, drones are more than just flying camera mounts. Today they are used as racing pods for a more thrilling experience. These drones go through obstacles, run through a circuit, and compete with other drones to reach the finish line.

Some others however have found more use for these flying machines. This time, it is in a soccer field. Yes, soccer, where teams prevent their opponents from scoring a goal through a net. It seems drones have found more than just individual sports now. Team games are where it’s at.

Soccer Drone Sport:

In Goyang City, Seoul, a competition took place earlier this week. This particular event was the final match on a competition that began earlier this year. It involved over 300 people and 22 different teams. All to find out who the world’s top drone soccer players are.

The 2018 Robo Universe Drone Soccer Competition is in its second year of challenges. Participants doubled since the first ever drone soccer competition. This gives light to the interest on the sport, and it will only go higher next year. The actual game itself involves 2 teams, each with 5 members. The goal is for a drone to pass through a circular target, while the other team guards it. Although they may call it soccer, for book readers it sounds and looks more like the Harry Potter game Quidditch.

The games also involve a live audience spectating, which adds to the fun. A net is also available on the field to help prevent crashing, which can damage the drones. The drones are controlled remotely by actual players, so it’s not actually a robot sport just yet. No autonomy on the part of the drones, but hey, at least players do not get injured this way.

Creators of the event hope that these types of competitions spread worldwide. With its fun-looking plays and sensational action, we may soon see these in events globally. I mean, what’s not to love about robots playing soccer?






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