Aspen To Use Drones Over Fireworks This 4th of July

Fourth of July is coming up, and for the cities in the United States, that means fireworks celebrations. With countless areas gearing up their firework arsenal for the holiday, some cities are going a different route. In Aspen, Colorado for example, some districts are opting for drone displays. Yes, the same displays the software giant Intel used in several presentations globally. In the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea for example, it was a smashing hit.

Aspen Fourth of July Show:

These drone displays involve the use of drones equipped with bright LED lights. These are then controlled remotely via a computer, where a preprogrammed formation is set. The best part about these drones is that they do not have loud noises, which is a fixture in firework displays. Loud noises are a bane against people with PTSD, as well as people with hearing problems. These sounds also terrify pets to no end.

Intel used their amazingly designed Shooting Star drones in their events. But drone companies all over the globe are soon putting in their own design.

This Fourth of July, when every corner of the United States fires off a firecracker, it can get pretty noisy. Drones eliminate that problem entirely, plus also some other benefits.

These drone presentations also do not have smoke accompanying their surroundings. With fireworks, you can be sure there would be noxious gas after ignition. Drones also last longer while in the air. This means the presentations – their patterns – last longer for people to see. For fireworks, it is only as short as a few seconds before the patterns and lights fade away. For drones, they can last minutes at a time, depending on battery life.

With more and more places opting for drones instead of fireworks, we may soon see a future event fully replace them. Celebrations worldwide now involve a drone presentation, so the reign of fireworks as king of nighttime display may soon come to an end.






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