India Prohibits Drone Use in Businesses: Here’s Why

While some parts of the world have growing drone markets, others however are facing roadblocks. In India for instance, the concept of drone delivery may not become a reality in the near future. Here are some reasons why it may be a long while before India can see its first drone delivery.

A Matter of Permits

For companies, businesses, and projects that may require drone use, it can be a difficult trek to find a permit. The process alone requires over a year to complete, creating a very undesirable aura for drone use at the moment.

While there are several companies interested in using drones to deliver food, the process necessary may be a deal breaker. Companies such as Zomato and Swiggy have shown interest in drone delivery over the years, and may attempt trial runs to test effectiveness. However, with the current long waiting period to obtain the necessary forms, food drone delivery in India may just be a dream.

These drone delivery trials may also have a roadblock. India prohibits drones from flying beyond the operator’s visual line of sight. This means that automated drones that deliver goods door to door are not allowed.

India Potential

Apart from the long waiting periods for paperwork, India may also prohibit the ‘carrying’ and ‘dropping off’ of goods via unmanned vehicles. This means that even if companies manage to get the proper forms, the idea of delivering food and dropping them off your doorstep is still a no-go.

Between delivering, carrying, and flying issues, drones have a very limited potential in the country. Add the paperwork and work permits, and it would seem that drones are not ideal in India at the moment. But who knows what the future holds for India? Perhaps in a year or two, policies may change and soon you can order fast food and have it dropped off your doorstep in minutes. For now however, people in India have to order the old fashioned way.




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