How to turn your Instagram account into an actual business

As of today, we can say, without fear of contradiction, that Instagram has become more than a mere social network: for more and more people, it is an actual full-time job that may prove to be more or less lucrative. This last aspect depends on a wide range of parameters, but there is no doubt that the main issue of working on/with Instagram is creating contents that can be attractive and interesting for a multitude of people.

Easier said than done, also because the competition gets harder and harder every day: the number of influencers and/or Instagram stars has increased exponentially throughout the last five years, and the trend doesn’t seem to change direction. This means essentially two things: first, working on Instagram (and the social media area in general) can be really profitable, if you know how to manage this kind of business; second, if you’re not an excellence, you may risk to be backwashed into a large mediocrity area, that one where people try to make ends meet with their social media profile (and most of the times they fail).

That’s why, in order to be included into the “excellence elite area”, an Instagram “worker” must produce contents able to satisfy at least four requirements: originality, relevance, quality and creativity. This implies that every photo or video should be conceived and made aiming to the best result, both in terms of content’s relevance and audiovisual quality. In order to enhance these features, many companies have tried – especially in the last two years – to launch on the market a series of applications able to improve the quality of a photo or a video. How? Basically, enriching them through a series of audio and/or visual effects.

It’s the case, for example, of mojo-app, a tool that allows any Instagram account owner to create unique contents, by a series of functions able to modify, enrich, edit every aspect of a picture or a video. It doesn’t matter if we are dealing with simple posts, photo galleries, stories or reels: with Mojo we can turn a simple audiovisual element into a complex work of editing, able to catch the attention of every viewer. It’s been estimated that the efficiency of Mojo is way more impactful than any other similar app. Evidence of this is the fact that every regular user of this app has seen his/her business volume increase progressively in quite a short while. And we are not talking here only about the common web stars: many “traditional” business owners have experienced the same effects, implementing their social media account with the set of tools provided by Mojo. Shops, companies, agencies, media operators: any of these categories (plus many others) know exactly the difference that this app has made with their businesses, in terms of celebrity, reputation and, finally, revenues.

So, if we come back to the above mentioned four essential requirements to make a social media content unique and attractive, we can say that with Mojo, every picture or video can easily become original, relevant, qualitative and creative, with the least amount of effort.




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