How to Proofread Your Essay: Check & Check

Creative inspiration is a very valuable condition that the author can experience while writing texts. Thoughts flow by themselves and, taking beautiful forms, very quickly fall on paper. However, even the most famous poets and prose writers rewrite their texts many times, trying to bring them to perfection. In modern parlance, this process is called proofreading.

Proofreading: From Which Side to Approach?

The ideal text should be well-structured. Therefore, even if the structure is not visible in the essay from the very beginning, it can be distinguished while essay proofreading by reformatting parts of the text. Among your paragraphs, you should highlight:

  • introduction
  • several structural parts
  • conclusion

See if the proportions between them are preserved. If some structural parts are much larger, break them into subsections.

Check Formatting Issues

The text of the essay should contain not only new interesting meanings. It must be enclosed in harmonious forms. Therefore, carefully format the text, observing all indents, highlighting subheadings, and placing accents.

Style of Writing

Once the structure is formed, pay attention to the style of your essay. To do this, you need to take into account meaningful moments and logical connections between different blocks of text:

  • Content. See if you have extra text. Some authors tend to put too many extraneous thoughts in the essay, which are not directly related to the topic. This pollutes the text and confuses the reader. Remove such unnecessary pieces of text.
  • Is everything logically organized? Consider coherence between sentences and paragraphs. Check the connection between your arguments. Are there logical connections between them? If two non-joining pieces of text follow each other, add a linking sentence between them.

Work on Bugs

It is best to work on errors with the help of an editing service. Because if you made them, there is a chance that you would not notice them when proofreading the text. An editing service, unlike a person, has an impeccable memory, so all spelling and punctuation rules will be 100% observed. In addition, its advantages allow it to take into account the most common types of errors:

  • Grammar mistakes
  • Stylistic mistakes
  • Punctuation mistakes

Therefore, even if you made a stylistic mistake, using a word in an inappropriate context or formulating a sentence incorrectly, the editing service will unobtrusively indicate this to you.

Check the Word Count

After doing all this work, be sure to check the number of words in the essay. In the process of proofreading, it can change a lot:

  • If you are too critical of yourself, you will probably throw out a lot of text.
  • If you are not sure of yourself, you will write a lot of unnecessary things, continuing to convince the reader.
  • But if you clearly defined the structural parts from the very beginning of working on the text, the result will be exactly as much as was required of you. Therefore, when starting to write an essay, it is better to determine for yourself from the very beginning how many words every structural part should contain.

By comparing the original text and the proofread version, you will surely understand why even famous authors rewrite their works many times!




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