How to Be a Real Cosplayer

Cosplay is a process of pretending to be a book, movie or any other fictional character. Such dressing up has considered being just a fun activity a few years ago; nevertheless, now it has become a real art. Thousands of fans gather together at festivals like Comic-Con to show their costumes, ability to transform into another person, and just spend a good time in a circle of like-minded people.

Cosplay has great importance in lots of counties of the world. Such a way, you can find a great number of special parks in Japan where the cosplay community gathers on a regular basis. Cosplay restaurants in Tokyo attract the fans from all around the world: all the waiters and waitresses are dressed as fictional characters creating an incredible, unique atmosphere. There are also lots of diverse cosplay events and contests where you can get to know representatives of given subculture. However, if you’re willing to easily and quickly find someone you’re on the same page with, then Memigo adult dating site will be a catch for you making it possible for you to meet your soulmate and start building romantic relationships in just a few clicks.

Who’s a Cosplayer?

Cosplay is an integral part of the gaming industry. Nowadays, cosplay has become a real subculture gathering millions of fans all around the world. Cosplay not only includes a high-quality costume and makeup which make the other person look like a fictional character; it also includes getting into the character and playing the role well.

Video game, movie, cartoon, series, book, comics, mythology characters are some you can choose from willing to cosplay. Usually, cosplayer copies the image of the chosen character; nevertheless, there are branches of cosplay when a person has to add some individual details and play the role the own way.

pretty cosplay ladies

Becoming a Cosplayer

To become a cosplayer, you need to find the reason why you are willing to be one. There are diverse reasons why people turn to such subculture; some of them are:

  • a desire to become famous and be recognized;
  • a willingness to feel like a favorite character;
  • following the newest trends.

So, willing to become a real cosplayer, you need to take the following aspects into account:

  • A wig. Characters’ hairstyle usually has a good volume, that’s exactly why you need to give preference to a huge wig. It should be qualitative for creating a more realistic image.
  • A costume. If you’re willing to connect with a character you’ve chosen, then it’s worth paying great attention to your costume. You can sew a costume by yourself or order it online according to your measurements.
  • Details. Even the smallest details count when it comes to cosplay. Do everything possible for your image to be perfect.
  • Makeup. Makeup is essential; emphasize your facial features to make the image more striking and extraordinary.

Cosplay your favorite characters for enjoyment and gaining new impressions; find a character you identify yourself with, and try to portrait him or her for expressing who you are and how you want to be perceived.




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