Getting Breast Implants for Cosplay? – Essentials You Need to Know

Cosplay is not something you take up a week before Halloween. It is serious business that involves dedication and commitment. Thousands of cosplayers around the world have dedicated their time to this hobby. Some individuals have gone one step further and have actually dedicated their bodies to cosplay. The most common body transformation among cosplayers is breast implants. A great number of female cosplayers get breast implants in order to look better in their costumes. Naturally, this has sparked a great deal of judgment and controversy in society. If you are hoping get breast implants to make your cosplay acts more credible, here are some facts that will prepare you for what is to come.

Looks are everything

When it comes to cosplay, if you are not pretty, you are not going to make it. Although it may seem harsh, it is the reality in the cosplay world. Of course, your costumes are going to be your armor. But you will mainly be judged by your body. If you want to make it big in this field, you need to go through some major body transformations. So, plastic surgery is actually a practical solution to your body image problems. By getting a breast implant or any other form of plastic surgery, you will be able to enhance your looks and thereby increase your chance of success in this field.

It is Expensive

Cosplay is expensive and so is plastic surgery. If you wish to become a pro in this field, you will have to opt for the best costumes in the market. Keep in mind that cosplay is not a cheap hobby. If you are willing to reach high heights in this industry, you will have to resort to measures such as plastic surgery – specifically breast implants. As you may already know, these are not cheap. You will not only have to spend on the surgery, you will have to think about after-care too. This is why it is important to place your trust on reliable institutions such as Berardi Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery. Such institutions charge extremely reasonable rates and therefore you will be able to get breast implants without bankrupting yourself. Moreover, since they are experienced and well-reputed, you need not worry about your health at all.

Judgment is Inevitable

Since we live in an incredibly judgmental society, changing your body for cosplay might be perceived as ludicrous by certain people. But you need to remember that you are merely following your passion just like another other person. Take cosplay star Jessica Nigri for example. Although she was initially criticized for getting breast implants to enhance her cosplay career, Nigri turned out to be a successful cosplay celebrity and promotional model. Remember that people – especially cosplayers – are perfectionists. So, there is nothing wrong with getting a plastic surgery done to enhance your appearance and make it authentic.

Keep in mind; just because you get a breast implant, you are not going to become a star cosplayer overnight. Once you get the surgery, there is so much work to be done. Remember that the success of the surgery depends on the place you get it from. So, if you wish to reproduce the authenticity of your cosplaying character, make sure to get the breast implants from a reliable plastic surgeon. This way, you can ensure that there will be little difference between the character and yourself.




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