How Nu Image Medical Men’s Health Products are Taking on HIMS and Roman

The men’s health sector is a multi-billion dollar industry, helping men regain their confidence and youthfulness through prescription medications designed to combat erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, hair thinning and loss, weight gain, and other physical and hormonal changes brought on by aging. These uncomfortable and embarrassing changes can occur as early as in their mid-20s for some men, or become a more pronounced problem in their 50s or 60s.

No matter when they are afflicted by these changes, many men are determined to find a solution that allows them to live full, happy, and complete lives in which they are satisfied with their physical health and their appearance. A number of companies have risen to prominence by offering well-known medications for these ailments, or for designing their own proprietary formulations. Thanks to advancements in technology, many of these companies can get treatment to their patients without requiring them to attend an in-person appointment, and can even ship prescriptions directly to their homes in discreet packaging.

For men who experience anxiety or depression due to these changes, these advancements have saved them undo stress, as well as time and money.

What is Nu Image Medical?

Based in Tampa, Florida, Nu Image Medical was founded in 2008 by CEO Andreas Dettlaff. Dettlaff had begun working on his first regenerative medicine treatment in 2004, after partnering with his primary care physician. Since its founding, Nu Image Medical has developed a number of proprietary formulas and embraced telemedicine as the most efficient and comfortable method of treating patients.

Although Nu Image Medical is frequently described as being part of the men’s health industry, the truth is that many of their programs are designed for women too. With a goal of providing all patients with quality prescription medications accompanied by superior medical assistance, Nu Image Medical has always sought to assist any client that seeks their services.

Nu Image Medical was one of the first companies to legally enter the telemedicine space, giving them unlimited growth potential throughout the United States. Nearly a decade before major competitors hit the market, Andreas Dettlaff and Nu Image Medical were streamlining and revolutionizing how patients interact with their medical providers.

What Men’s Health Products does Nu Image Medical Offer?

Nu Image Medical’s product line includes treatments for weight loss, hormones, sex, hair, sleep, and vitamins. Their first program, Wayt-less, continues to be one of their most popular. From Wayt-less, they have expanded to include Wayt-tain, Ultra Burn, B-12 injections, and Nu Food Service meal delivery kits.

Hormone restoration therapies include Testosterone and Growth Hormone, helping patients with erectile dysfunction, increasing libido, reducing fat mass, increasing muscle mass, increasing energy levels, increasing focus and memory, calming the brain, improving blood pressure, and providing antioxidants.

For sexual health, Mt. Everest treats erectile dysfunction in men; generic and alternative prescriptions are also available. For women, Screamer Gel Max has been designed to help menopausal women achieve clitoral orgasms through external application.

For hair thinning and loss, NuDew and NuDew Max are able to prevent hair loss, increase hair growth, maintain healthy hair, and restore confidence.

Patients can also contact Nu Image Medical for treatments for insomnia, and vitamins that can enhance overall health.

How Nu Image Medical’s Telemedicine Compares to HIMS and Roman

While it’s true that Nu Image Medical, HIMS, and Roman follow extremely similar business models, there are some benefits to working with a smaller company. From the beginning, Andreas Dettlaff has demanded that Nu Image Medical prioritize customer service, and many of their glowing reviews refer to how pleasant and easy company interactions are.

Nu Image Medical has also invested heavily in their proprietary software platform, giving patients and medical providers unprecedented access to their medical records. This has allowed patients to be more involved in their care than ever before.

As a small business, Nu Image Medical is able to treat their clients as much more than just a number in the queue. Consultations can be scheduled as quickly as in one business day, with prescriptions being sent out immediately afterward. And with Nu Image Medical, many of their prescriptions will not be found elsewhere; they have been created by their team of formulary pharmacists and quality assurance pharmacists. By researching and testing new dosages and synergistic combinations of existing, trusted medications, they are able to achieve maximum results for their clients. While their medical providers can still provide prescriptions for well-known medications, one of their biggest strengths is their proprietary formulas that are able to target multiple, related conditions – often with faster results.

When it comes time for you to choose a regenerative health company, bigger is not always better. Consulting with Nu Image Medical’s team of medical providers may be able to provide you with a unique dosage or combination of medications that you won’t find with HIMS or Roman. If you’re looking for a company that truly cares about helping you look and feel your best, look no further than Nu Image Medical.




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