Horizon Automotive Camera System

Waylens Inc. has come up with yet another Automotive Camera System for driving enthusiasts. The camera is beautifully crafted and comes equipped with GPS and a 9-axis motion sensor that has 5.31 Mega pixel clarity. The Horizon system continuously records the view through the vehicle’s windscreen, captures driving in lively details with 1.39” round OLED display that provides simple to use interface with swipe functionality. Since the camera looks continuously to the scene in front of the vehicle, image processing gives opportunities to detect and give warning for drifting out of the lane, approaching to a possible collision, etc.

The vehicle performance data is wirelessly transmitted by the OBDII module and embedded in the captured video so you can replay and share your driving experience. You can access, manage and edit your videos with the Waylens mobile and desktop applications.

The Horizon Automotive Camera System is $499.95.

wireless automotive camera system




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