DeskCycle – Exercise While Working At Your Office Desk

Modern work place is shrinking and requires us long hours sitting in front of computers. In our busy life we find little time for exercise that leads to physical ailments and disorders. Many ergonomically designed products are used or recommended to treat or prevent such disorders. If your job requires you to spend long hours sitting in front of computer or doing other desk job and you want to increase your physical activity and burn calories while sitting, the DeskCycle may be for you. It lets you pedal away silently while you sit at your desk or in a chair. It easily fits under your desk and gives you an opportunity to exercise without moving away from your work station. This may reduce the effects of increased health risks of sitting still and help you keep your body in balance.

The magnetic pedal resistance can be adjusted to eight different settings. The operation is very smooth and quiet so it does not distract your coworkers in the neighboring cabins. The display panel shows your speed, distance, calories burnt and the total time of pedaling. You can also track your workout with the free software.

DeskCycle is portable and can be used anywhere as there is no power hook-up required. Assembly is very simple and requires a single tool (provided). Pedal movement is reversible, so you can either pedal forward or backwards.

The Deskcycle is $159.




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