Hi-Drive: Smartest External SSD With Up To 2500MB/S & Mobile Lock

HiDrive, an entirely new external SSD from Ediloca, has just been released. This SSD is presently being crowdfunded on GadgetAny. Hidrive has a high data transfer speed of roughly 2500 MB/s and a number of exceptional features.

The gadget has a sleek, durable appearance. It might be a terrific deal for customers at this pricing point. In addition to its exceptional speed, it is secure via mobile app.

In simple terms, it makes it possible for you to quickly transfer 4K videos. Additionally, the company has introduced numerous storage options (1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 8TB) to meet all of your storage requirements. HiDrive has become the new talk of the town as a result of the valuable mix of speed and storage capacity. You can quickly backup all of your data from laptops, PCs, smartphones, cameras, and drones using HiDrive. HiDrive is exceptional in every way, including transfer speed, storage capacity, toughness, construction, design, and data security.

This beast not only provides you with a lightning-fast transfer speed, but also a flawless fusion of design and technology. HiDrive can fit even in the smallest pocket because of its beautiful Zinc alloy texture and streamlined, portable design. HiDrive is designed for all types of professionals that wish to work efficiently because of its high transfer speed. For photographers and graphic designers who wish to capture, store, and edit photographs while on the go, it is the ideal storage device.

HiDrives makes your job simple because it is compatible with any current USB-C-equipped device, including PCs, Macs, iPads, Android phones and tablets, and even gaming consoles like the PlayStation 5. As a result, you do not need to carry numerous storage options.

Now that HiDrive keeps you constantly prepared for your presentation, conference, or adventurous expeditions, you may carry your data with you everywhere, anytime. You no longer need to buy cloud storage or install additional software, giving you access to a cost-effective storage option.

Furthermore, its tough construction is further protected by the zinc alloy finish. The HiDrive’s extremely durable body has a glossy coating, making it nearly indestructible. High-end DRAM cache chips and a potent heatsink aid in regular heat dissipation. Additionally, the uniformly distributed heat ensures that you may play for extended periods of time without experiencing any lag. In order to provide you the necessary peace of mind, the gadget is also shockproof and waterproof. The SSD may be installed or ejected without the use of any equipment.

HiDrive is small and lightweight, measuring just 0.62 by 4.72 by 1.77 inches and weighing 98g (3.45 ounces). You can now take use of the AES-256 encryption, which gives your device a stronger layer of security. Even if unauthorised access is permitted, the hacker won’t be able to access the data.

By cutting down on upload time, the incredible read and write speed of 2500 mb/s can speed up your games. Its ferociously quick and cost-effective features may seem too good to be true.

Tech Specifications:

  • Weight – 3.45 ounces
  • Dimension – 0.62×4.72×1.77 inches
  • Transfer speed – 2500MB/s/read write
  • Storage options – 1TB, 2Tb, 4TB, 8TB
  • Material – Zinc alloy
  • Connection – Thunderbolt3

Where to buy a HiDrive external SSD?

You may be considering purchasing this high-end external SSD after reading about this feature-rich storage device. In order to raise money, Ediloca has started a crowdfunding campaign on GadgetAny. Early adopters can get the device for an introductory price of $140, saving up to 53% off the actual MSRP of $299. Till now hiDrive has successfully raised $50,000 from 100k backers.




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