Guide to Different Types of Vape Coils

As a vaper no matter you’re new or advanced, you may know what does a vape coil do but you must be strange to the various different types of vape coils. Coils, vape coils, atomizers, atomizer heads… It’s known by many different names while they all do the same job and are essential to your vaping experience.

What is a vape coil?

The vape coil is the most important part of any vape device. The entire functionality of your device is subjected to the type and strength of your coil. The vape coils are the heart of the mods or e-cigarette kits. It is responsible for heating the e-liquid in the tank and vaporizing it. The coil resistance can be controlled based on the type of wire, the gauge, and the number of wraps of wire it has.

Low resistance coils typically produce a warmer vapor and more huge clouds, while high resistance coils produce a cooler vapor with less current. This further explains the fact that the type of coil determines the quality of your vape experience.

As integral as the coil is, it is equally as simple as holding it in hand. The coil uses a very straightforward mechanism. It’s made from a piece of mesh or a coiled wire and some other wicking materials. There are a number of coils out there that produces diverse vape experience. Your vape objectives would determine which vape coil is right for you.

Different Types of Vape Coils

Ceramic Coil

Ceramic is a porous material which means ceramic coils allow air to pass through them exceptionally well. Ceramic coils have a unique smooth draw and most vapers commend the excellent production of flavor from these coils compared to the other coil materials.

Ceramic coils are highly tolerant to high wattage and make the perfect coil for high-powered mods. Compared to cotton coils, ceramic coils also last longer and do a better job of preventing dry hits. Thus ceramic coil is fit for power mode users.

Metallic Coils

Almost all the vape coils are made from different alloyed metals which includes: Stainless steel, titanium, kanthal, nickel and nichrome. The reason why metals is simple and clear: good electric and thermal conductivity.

Stainless Steel Coil

There are various grades of stainless steel and the type used in different coils varies. Grade 430 stainless steel is the most commonly used.

This type of stainless steel is best known for its magnetic properties and durability, but other types of stainless steel aren’t far behind.

Stainless steel coils are versatile and perfect in temperature control and wattage modes. With the right amount of care and maintenance, a stainless steel coil can last well over 25 years.

Titanium Coil

Titanium coils are malleable, soft and easy to twist, handle and cut. Compared to stainless steel, titanium coils cost more, but are becoming increasingly popular.

The most notable benefit of using a titanium coil is how clean and crisp it brings out the flavors. It’s worth noting that titanium is often used in fireworks to create sparks which raises questions about its safe use as a coil material.

Titanium coils are compatible with temperature control mode and because of its diversity, most mods will offer a “TC Ti” version of these coils.

Kanthal Coil

Kanthal coils are a blend of iron, chromium and aluminum. The wire is popularly used in pre-made and home-made coils.

One of the notable features of Kanthal coils is the super quick ramp up time and the impressive amount of vapor the coil produces. These types of coils are best suited for wattage mode.

Nickel Coil

There is a ton of Nickel wires on offer. The best option is the Ni200 which is a 99.6% nickel alloy. Most temperature control mods use Nickel coils because of its low resistance. However, Nickel coils shouldn’t be fired for too long and are not ideal for variable wattage and variable voltage devices.

Nichrome Coil

Nichrome is an alloy of 20% Nickel and 80% Chromium. Coils made from this alloy heat up faster than Kanthal with a sufficient amount of cloud production and a warm and pleasant vape. The alloy protects the heating element from oxidation ensuring consistent flavour production.

When looking through the various types of coils, there are also sub-ohm and plus-ohm vape coils which are designed for use with the respective devices. Ensuring you get the right coil for the right job can go a long way in improving your vaping experience.


These are pretty much of the most common vape coils you can find on the market. Want to know what type of the vape coil is the best? Honestly, there isn’t because each type fits a different mode. For example, titanium coil is suitable for temperature control mode, however, kanthal mode is suitable for power mode. Therefore, it’s needless to say that pick a right vape shop for a suitable vape coil for your vaping experience is vital. NewVaping, as one of the top online vape shop in UK, not only provides all kinds of vape devices which includes: disposable vape, pod system, pod mod system, mod kits, but also offers the important vape modules and components like tanks and vape coils. All these products are TPD compliant which means you can purchase anything that you want without any safety concern. Now find a suitable coil for your vape kit and enjoy your vaping journey!




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