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Are you a UK-based DJ? If so, you should check out if you haven’t already. This popular UK-based music equipment retailer offers thousands of equipment at budget-friendly costs. In addition to the website for online shopping, the company has a large DJ shop in Newbury, Berkshire, where you can find leading DJ equipment available to try out before you buy. The retailer also provides affordable 0% DJ finance options to support your purchase of DJ gear. Many customers say that the company provides excellent customer service as well to meet your needs.

The store sells many items for DJs, including:

  • Amplifiers
  • Microphones
  • Mixers
  • Headphones
  • Stands
  • Lighting and effects
  • Speakers and packages
  • And more

The UK-based retailer also has a news blog on its website that includes equipment news, buyer guides, offers, and more.

The latest blog article discussed updating your Mac to Big Sur. As a warning to all DJ’s, strongly advises not to update your Mac to Big Sur.

Despite a few people reporting successful updates, the new Mac OS is not supported by the big DJ softwares, mainly Rekordbox, Serato, and Traktor.

Furthermore, if you have already updated and want to add some hardware, most won’t work due to the drivers not being available yet.

Have you already updated your Mac and are looking to purchase some DJ equipment? The company recommends that you check if there is a driver available for it or if you can revert the OS back to Catalina.

What problems have been reported? So far, it seems that MIDI signals will work, so controllers can control software (when the software runs,) but audio devices are not being recognized.

What about the new Macs with M1 chips? recommends holding off, if you are thinking of getting a new Mac with the M1 chipset for DJ’ing. Or, get a new one with the Intel i3 or above.

These first-generation Apple chips will be supported at some stage, but with so much hardware out there at the moment using Intel processors, the support for these will not go away anytime soon.

What equipment does a DJ typically need?

The proper DJ equipment for beginners is more than just a CD player and a DJ mixer. DJ quality headphones, DJ controllers, turntables, DJ software, and many unique setups are available for you to try and buy that fit your unique needs.

You can always visit the nearest music equipment store and find available DJ equipment for rent. However, owning your own DJ setup is preferable for many reasons. Some of the best DJ equipment in the market is now more affordable than ever. There are a variety of tools to approach, review, and find the best suitable choice to fit your needs. 

A basic DJ setup for a beginner should last at least two to three years, but it mostly depends on your budget. If you can afford premium equipment by the top brands, such as Pioneer DJ, or Allen & Heath, then you will end up with a great setup for a decade.




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