Fingerbot – Make your Home Smart

Everyday, there are technological advances made. Most people would love to use technology to make their homes smart but of course it can become very expensive. There are less expensive devices to make your lights smarts, your locks smart, or even your curtains, but there aren’t many cheaper solutions to make things like your coffee maker, printer, computer, etc smart. With the new Fingerbot, you can practically make anything in your home smart and control them through voice or the companion app. The Fingerbot is simple to use and install. This little device can be stuck onto anything you would like to make smart, like your lights, coffee maker, door , and be programmed to turn them on and off. The Fingerbot has an extension arm that does all the work. Different types of buttons and toggles require different types of arms, which can be purchased.

Through the Adaprox Controller App, you can even do all of these things remotely. If you are out in the hot sun and are ready to leave for home, you can get your air conditioner or fan started in advance, so you can have a nice and cool environment by the time you reach home. The app can also integrate with the voice assistance on your smartphone so you can voice command your devices.

The Fingerbot is currently available as a single unit or in kits, the single unit has a starting price of $39.99 for one Fingerbot.




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