For The Geeky Pet Owner – The Coyote Vest And Zapper

This product may look funny and seem silly but it’s not joke to pet owners who have to be cautious of predators that are looking for an easy meal. When I leave for work (4:30am), I see the occasional coyote running across the road in my neighborhood. There’s a good reason why coyotes hangout in suburban areas close to forests, lots of small dogs and cats around.  The CoyoteZapper works in conjunction with the CoyoteVest and is designed to protect your dog from coyotes as well as larger dogs that may pick on your little precious pet.  The main goal of the CoyoteZapper is to prevent a coyote from picking up your dog and running off with it.

The first line of defense is the CoyoteVest which is “like” a Kevlar® vest that a solider would wear. Although it does not protect the entire body nor guarantee survival, it will increase your dog’s chances of survival. It is designed to be comfortable for your pet and easy to put on and remove. The second line of defense is the twelve one-inch spikes which are mounted in two rows on a stiff yet flexible triple laminated Kevlar® collar. The spiked collar will cover the vital area of your dog, the neck. With the spikes, it is very unlikely that a coyote or a larger dog will be able to bite your pet in the neck area.


They say that the best offense is a good defense and this is where the CoyoteZapper comes into play. This CoyoteZapper straps are attached to the CoyoteVest to form a formidable defense and offense at the same time. Tthe radio controlled device gives you the ability to force the coyote or a large dog to drop your dog instantly with a simple push of a button.

The device makes use of a dog training collar which is capable of delivering a painful shock right in the mouth of the attacking animal be it a dog or a coyote. Two highly conductive strips of fabric are attached along the length of the CoyoteVest and connected to a ‘shock module’. They are placed in a manner that would make it near impossible for an attacking animal to pick up your small dog without having to touch both of the strips at the same time. When you see your poor pet being carried away, simply push a button to activate the shock module which will deliver a high voltage shock directing into the mouth of the attacker. The shock is painful enough to force the attacker to let go but it will go on to see another day. Make sure you are quick though as the device has a 300 meter range. And that my friends is how you stop an aggressive animal from picking on your little guy.

The CoyoteVest is available for $69.95 while the add-on CoyoteZapper is available for $59.95. For more details and other products, have a look at the CoyoteVest website.




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