20+ Geeky Date Ideas: Power Up Your Love Life with Creative Nerd-Themed Outings

Have you ever caught yourselves, you and your geek-chic partner, trapped in the all-too-familiar loop of a date night conundrum? You know the drill: flicking through endless options on streaming services for that perfect pick.

We’ve all been there—stuck orbiting the black hole of indecision. But don’t let this intergalactic challenge dampen your spirits! I took my telescope to the relationship skies and mapped out 20+ imaginative date ideas that will surely ignite both your hearts and your passion for all things nerdy.

Get ready to embark on a journey where romance collides with our love for the wonderfully geeky universe!

Key Takeaways

Dress up and go to a Renaissance Festival or host a board game night for fun together.

Visit a comic con, have a Harry Potter movie marathon, or try trivia nights to share interests.

Play video games, role – play in your own fantasy world, or make crafts at a pottery studio.

Hunt for treasures at flea markets and create lasting memories with DIY geeky projects.

Stargazing can be romantic and educational; themed cook – offs bring creativity to cooking.

Fun and Creative Geeky Date Ideas

Geeky Date Ideas 2

Hey there, lovebirds of the nerd universe! If you’re itching to sprinkle some magic pixie dust on your couple-time adventures, get ready to dive into my treasure trove of geeky date ideas.

Trust me, they’re more exciting than finding an Easter egg in your favorite video game… (and oh-so-perfect for bonding over shared nerdy joys)! So, let’s power up our love life with activities that’d make even Sam Gamgee swoon because, c’mon – who wants a plain old dinner and movie when you can live out your geekiest dreams together?

Attending a Renaissance Festival

So, you think dressing up and eating turkey legs while someone calls you “milord” or “milady” is cool? Because it totally is! Picture this: You and your special someone stepping into a Renaissance Festival.

Everywhere eyes can see, there’s color, life, and folks in costumes that take you back hundreds of years. Knights jousting, jesters joking – it’s like living in a fantasy book!

You get to shop for quirky trinkets that scream geek love. Maybe pick up a sword for epic battles at home or find matching cloaks; because why not? Chat with blacksmiths and watch glassblowers work wonders right before your eyes.

YouTube player

Oh, let’s not forget the food – meat pies, giant dill pickles, and yes – those massive turkey legs I mentioned earlier. Grab one in each hand; no judgment here! Listen to musicians strumming old tunes while sipping on mead, just like our ancestors did (well, sorta).

It’s grokking history together with a tasty twist! And if role-playing games are your thing? Well—this whole day is pure live-action delight without rolling dice!

It’s about diving into a slice of the past – laugh louder, hug harder under the guise of courtly love—and hey—if we spot Sam Gamgee around the corner with a ring.. bonus points for an epic date story!

Hosting a Board Game Night

Okay, picture this: You and your sweetie surrounded by a bunch of board games, snacks on the table, maybe some epic movie soundtrack playing in the background. Pretty cool, right? A board game night is like a fun playground for us geeks.

We get to show off our strategic skills or just be silly with a goofy game.

Here’s what you do—grab those games that really light up your nerd alarms. Maybe it’s “Settlers of Catan” where you’re battling for resources or “Carcassonne” where you’re building a medieval empire; the choices are endless! And heck, why not make it extra geeky? Dress up as characters from the games or set themes that fit your favorite fandoms.

But don’t stop there—invite other couples over and turn it into an all-out tournament! Winner gets bragging rights (or maybe control of the TV remote). Just have loads of fun being yourselves together.

Now let’s shift gears from land conquering to world exploring as we talk about going big at comic con!

Living it up at a Convention

Ever dressed up as your favorite comic book character and walked into a room where everyone cheers for you? That’s Comic Con for you, and let me tell you, it’s a blast! You get to meet folks who are just as crazy about capes and superpowers as you are.

Plus, snapping photos with other cosplayers makes for an epic date album.

Imagine roaming aisles chock-full of comics, action figures, and all sorts of nerdy treasures. There’s always that one rare collectible or piece of art that seems made just for your shelf at home.

And the best part? Sharing that “Oh wow!” moment with someone who gets why finding a first-edition X-Men means the universe is smiling down on you. It doesn’t get much better than bonding over geeky hobbies while surrounded by pop culture magic!

Holding a Harry Potter Movie Marathon

Grab your wands and Hogwarts scarves because we’re about to dive into a Harry Potter movie marathon! I mean, what’s better than spending the day with someone who gets just as thrilled hearing “You’re a wizard, Harry” as you do? You can laugh, cry, and shout at the screen together.

Oh, yes—those pesky Dementors won’t stand a chance against our combined Patronuses.

We’ll set up our own cozy common room with blankets and snacks (Butterbeer popcorn anyone?). Let’s get lost in the magic of J.K. Rowling’s world for hours. PJs are totally encouraged—comfort is key when you’re binge-watching epic tales of witches and wizards.

And here’s an idea: every time someone says “Harry,” take a bite of chocolate frog! It’s all about bringing fun to our nerdy hearts while making memories that stick like Spellotape.

Ready your remotes; it’s going to be spell-bindingly awesome!

Participating in Trivia Nights

So, you think you know your Star Wars facts better than anyone? Trivia nights are where it’s at. Picture this: you and your date, teaming up to conquer questions about everything from video games to sci-fi movies.

Whether it’s at a local bar buzzing with fellow geeks or cozying up in your living room, trivia is a blast.

You get to show off all that stuff crammed in your brain – I’m talking the kind of info only a true nerd would know. Plus, there’s that sweet feeling when you nail an answer no one else gets; high-fives all around! But wait – the best part? You’ll learn new geeky tidbits together because every question is a chance to dive deeper into the nerdy hobbies you love.

Having a Video Game Night

Grab your favorite snacks and settle in for a video game night with your special someone. It’s the perfect time to show off those gaming skills or team up on a quest together. I love how we get to dive into different worlds, from fantasy kingdoms to galactic battles, all from our couch! There’s nothing like the thrill of a close match or the fun of conquering levels side by side.

At many game arcades, you can find awesome food while you play, making it an epic geeky date. Whether we’re talking trash or cheering each other on, it’s always a blast. Now imagine us taking that competitive spirit into trying out role-playing games—you never know what kind of adventure awaits!

Trying Your Hand at Role-playing Games

So, you and your partner are ready to dive into a new universe? Role-playing games are the ticket. Picture this: You’re wizards in a magical land or space rangers on an alien planet! You get to choose who you want to be—and trust me, it’s a blast inventing stories together.

Plus, playing different roles spices things up and brings out sides of each other you never knew existed.

Now, if we’re talking about bringing this geeky fun home – which we totally are – all you need is a bit of imagination and maybe some costumes (hey, no judgment here). Imagine transforming your living room into an ancient dungeon or distant galaxy.

And don’t worry about getting everything perfect; it’s all about having fun with your favorite person in the world while pretending to be someone else for a little while.

Getting Your Hands Dirty at a Pottery Studio

Alright, after rolling the dice in a fantasy world, why not shape your own reality with clay? A pottery studio date is like no other. You and your partner get to dive hands-first into squishy clay.

It’s super fun to make pots or sculptures together. And hey, it’s kinda romantic too! Picture this: both of you at the wheel, helping each other out, laughing when things go wobbly – it’s straight out of a movie scene!

This isn’t just about making stuff—it actually feels good for the soul. There’s something special about creating art with someone you like. It bonds you in new ways as you share ideas and see what comes out of them.

Even if your pot ends up looking more like abstract art than dinnerware (whoops!), that’s okay! What matters is the fun time spent together, and the memories made between handfuls of clay at that pottery studio.

Now, onwards from crafting with clay to hunting treasures…

Searching for Treasures at a Flea Market

You never know what cool stuff you might find at a flea market. It’s like a treasure hunt where every booth has its own story. Picture us rummaging through old comic books, finding that rare action figure from a childhood collection, or stumbling upon vintage video games that take us on a nostalgia trip.

The best part? We can haggle to get the best deal – it’s all part of the adventure!

Think about it; each item has its past, maybe even some geeky history we’ll want to research later. And if we score something awesome, it becomes our shared memory – one more thing in common for our nerdy selves.

After scooping up some gems, why not dress up in those funky finds for our next date idea – cosplaying for fun!

Cosplaying for Fun

So, you and your partner love dressing up as superheroes or anime characters? Great! Cosplaying is a blast for couples who are into the same geeky stuff. Imagine both of you suited up as your favorite duo from a movie or video game — talk about an epic date idea! And hey, it’s not just about the costumes; it’s sharing laughs while gluing things together and figuring out how to make that giant sword stay on your back without falling off.

Maybe hit a comic convention decked out in full gear? It’s like stepping into another world where everyone speaks your fan language. Plus, those photo ops are priceless memories (and pretty fantastic profile pictures too).

Snap some shots, strut around proudly, and high-five fellow geeks who appreciate your hard work. Next thing on our agenda? Stargazing and learning astronomy together — get ready to reach for the stars with someone special by your side.

Stargazing and Learning Astronomy Together

I love looking up at the stars. It’s like a secret show just for us, and learning about what we see makes it even better. Grab a telescope or find a local stargazing event, and boom—you’ve got an awesome date night! We can make it super romantic too.

Imagine finding constellations and whispering their ancient stories to each other. Plus, if we do this in our backyard? Super easy prep!

Each twinkle up there is a chance to bond over cool space stuff without leaving Earth. Sometimes I think the sky’s put on this nightly glow just for the nerdy couples like us—ready to explore and get lost in astronomy together.

No need for science jargon here; it’s all about sharing that “wow” moment when we spot a new star or learn its name. Let’s make some cosmic memories!

Planning a Themed Cook-off

So, you’re dating a geek and want to cook together. Try this: Pick out your favorite geeky universe and create a meal from it. Maybe it’s a “Lord of the Rings” feast or a “Star Wars” space dinner.

You get to play with fun names for dishes and pretend you’re eating at Hogwarts or aboard the Enterprise!

It’s not just about the food, though—you’re making memories here! Laugh as you figure out what “Groot salad” should have in it, or how to make “Klingon blood wine.” And when that dish turns out weird? High-five each other for trying something new.

This is all about having fun in the kitchen while celebrating what makes being nerds awesome.

Designing DIY Geeky Crafts

Let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into some DIY geeky craft-making, shall we? Picture this: you’re surrounded by all those cool trinkets and souvenirs you’ve collected from different events.

Now’s the time to turn them into something epic! We can get creative with these treasures, making crafts that tell our own geek love story. Imagine a photo frame decked out in tiny action figures from your favorite sci-fi series, or constructing a lamp that shines like a magic potion.

Think about this: crafting can be like mixing potions at Hogwarts or forging rings in Middle Earth—except it’s in your living room, and you’re laughing together over blobs of glue.

You might choose to create themed crafts based on beloved universes, so let’s get those hands moving on some homemade lightsabers or dragon egg paperweights. Don’t forget there are tons of DIY kits out there to help bring our fandom dreams to life—even if they don’t always turn out perfect, it’s the fun that counts! And hey, if we run out of glue or hit a snag, no biggie—we’ll just make an adventure out of grabbing more supplies.

Next up is “Creating a Comic Book Together“, where we’ll let our imaginations soar high—and who knows? Maybe we’ll create the next superhero sensation!

Creating a Comic Book Together

So, you’re thinking about making a comic book with your partner? I say go for it! Picture this: both of you huddled over a table, brainstorming wild stories and sketching out brave heroes or cunning villains.

It’s not just about drawing; it’s the whole shebang – writing a storyline that gives you butterflies, designing characters that feel like friends, and maybe arguing (the fun kind!) over plot twists.

You don’t need to be an artist or a writer to dive into this adventure, either. There are tons of online tutorials that can guide you through creating your masterpiece.

Now imagine the satisfaction when you flip through those pages filled with tales straight from your heart. This date idea is pure gold because it mixes love for comics and storytelling with spending quality time together.

And hey, who knows? Your comic could become the next big thing at conventions, or just be something super special for your own geeky collection. Turn on some tunes, grab those pencils (or tablets), and let’s make some art!

Rebuilding a vintage computer or console

I’ve got a rad idea for you and your special someone if you both geek out over tech history. How about taking a deep dive into the past and rebuilding an old computer or gaming console? This is like hitting two birds with one stone: you get to spend quality time together, and there’s this sweet wave of nostalgia when that vintage machine whirs to life again.

You’ll be elbow-deep in wires and chips, figuring stuff out as a team. It’s not just fun – it’s a chance to pick up some cool tech skills along the way. And let me tell ya, nothing beats the feeling of getting an ancient piece of gear running again.

It’s not every day you get to bring back a slice of technology history while making new memories. Just imagine – one minute you’re soldering together circuits, next thing you know, boom! You’ve made something awesome together (and maybe learned who’s the more patient one).

Visiting a Science or Tech Museum

So, you’re thinking about hitting up a science or tech museum with your geeky other half? Great idea! These places are like playgrounds for brainy types. You get to poke around gadgets and gizmos, and maybe even take part in a scavenger hunt.

Imagine racing through halls of space rockets and robot arms, hunting for clues—it’s like an escape room but with real science!

Try out a workshop or demo while you’re there; something like building robots or coding might be on offer. Or cozy up in the planetarium show, where stars and galaxies whirl above you in a dance of cosmic wonder.

And hey, if they’ve got virtual reality setups? Dive in together! It’s bonding time—with science on the side.

Exploring a Virtual Reality Arcade

Just had your fill of the past and future at a science or tech museum? Dive into a whole new world with virtual reality arcades! Picture this: you’re both suited up in high-tech gear, ready to take on zombies or travel through space.

It’s not just looking at cool stuff—it’s jumping right into the action. And I’ve got to tell you, nothing beats sharing that “Whoa!” moment when you both first step into a digital universe built for two.

Imagine fighting side by side against dragons or solving puzzles in rooms that shift and change around you—at a virtual reality arcade, it can totally happen. Share laughs and high-fives as you try out different games and experiences.

This isn’t your typical dinner-and-a-movie night; it’s an adventure that’ll have stories attached for weeks to come—like that one time we saved the galaxy before dessert? Now let’s get those headsets on and play our way into another realm!

Programming a small game or app together

So, we’re talking geeky date ideas, and programming a small game or app together is up there with the best. You and I can dive into an adventure in coding! Start simple—a quiz or a puzzle—and slowly build up to bigger things.

We’ll pick out languages that make our brains tick; maybe Python for you, JavaScript for me? The journey’s part of the fun, right?

Now picture this: we’re on the couch, laptops ready, sipping on sodas like proper nerds. We hit a tough spot—ugh! But then, victory! Through teamwork—we find the bug and fix it.

And just like that coding plot twist—you learn something new about each other (and maybe even fall for some code lines!). Plus, heaps of tutorials and resources are waiting online to guide us along.

Let’s create our own little digital love story—bit by bit!

Setting up a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Club

Let’s talk about diving into other worlds together by starting a sci-fi/fantasy book club. Picture this: you and your partner, cozied up with the latest space opera or sword-and-sorcery epic.

You both get lost in tales of distant planets or magical realms. You discuss heroes, villains, and plot twists. It’s not just fun; it connects you two on a whole new level.

First things first, grab some favorites from your shelf or download a few e-books that have been on your to-read list forever. Decide on one to start with and set dates for discussion nights—think of them as little islands of adventure in your regular schedule.

Don’t forget the snacks that fit the theme! Maybe some “lembas bread” for an epic quest or “freeze-dried ice cream” for a journey through the stars? After digging into the story together, chat about what blew your minds or even which characters you’d love to swap places with.

Then lead right into planning which intergalactic escapade or fantasy frolic you’ll dive into next.

Playing an Augmented Reality Game Outdoors

So, you’ve got a smartphone and a sense of adventure? Perfect. Head outside with your date for an augmented reality game. Imagine chasing fantastical creatures through the park or solving riddles that lead you from one historic landmark to another.

We’re not just walking around; we’re on a mission! It’s like our own little scavenger hunt with techy sparkle.

Picture this: You and your nerdy guy or gal pal bonding as teammates, laughing when one of you trips over absolutely nothing because you were too busy looking at your screen—classic! But hey, it’s not all fun and games; we’re getting some solid exercise too without even noticing.

Plus—the shared victory dances when we beat a level? Best couple moments ever.

Benefits of Geeky Dates

Geeky Date Ideas 3

Hey there, fellow geeks! If you’re curious, why we should even bother with geeky dates – aside from the obvious “because they’re awesome” – let me spill some beans. These quirky outings are not just fun; they pack a punch for your relationship, too.

Believe it or not, diving into the world of wizardry or flexing those brainy muscles together often leads to epic bonding… and who doesn’t love feeling like the ultimate dynamic duo? Plus, think about it: when was creativity *not* sparked by conjuring up spells or strategizing world domination on game night? And let’s be real, unique experiences are way better than that tired dinner-and-a-movie combo.

Trust me; after living these adventures with someone special, you’ll never go back to normalcy. Ever.

YouTube player

Enhances Bonding

Geeky dates are like a secret level in a game, but for your heart. You get to share what you love with someone special, and they see the real you, quirks and all. It’s not just about having fun together; it’s about creating a connection that’s as strong as superglue.

Talking about your favorite characters or arguing over which starship is faster can really bring two people closer. Think about it—I’m chatting away about how cool lightsabers are, and suddenly, we’re laughing, high-fiving, and feeling like we’ve known each other forever.

That’s the power of geeky interests! They turn “just hanging out” into epic adventures where both of us are the heroes.

Sparks Creativity

So, you’re into all things geeky and looking for a date idea that shakes up the old dinner-and-a-movie routine? Imagine cosplaying your favorite characters. It’s not just dressing up; it’s stepping into a whole new world together! You get to craft outfits, pick accessories, and even act out scenes.

Hello, creativity boost!

And hey, building a vintage computer or programming a game? That’s like hitting the jackpot on cool skills! I’m telling you; these activities make our brains do happy dances. They push us to solve puzzles and invent stuff we never thought possible – talk about leveling up in life! Plus, sharing this with someone special means double the ideas and double the fun.

Trust me; nothing beats that feeling when something you created works like a charm. So next time you plan a date, throw in some DIY magic or star charts and watch those creative sparks fly!

Provides Unique Experiences

Unique experiences? You bet! Geeky dates can take you and your special someone to whole new worlds. Imagine dressing up for a Renaissance Festival, feeling like time travelers in the midst of jesters and knights.

Or how about stargazing? You two, lying side by side, figuring out constellations and whispering about the universe. It’s not just looking at stars; it’s sharing moments that spark wonder.

Each geeky date idea is a door to an adventure where only you guys have the map. Hosting a board game night gets competitive spirits high with laughs and strategic moves. And when you dive into live action role-playing, oh boy! You’re heroes in your own epic story.

On these dates, life’s screenplay gets interesting – creating comic books or programming games together turns ‘just hanging out’ into crafting epic memories.

Now forget boring routines and jump into augmented reality games outdoors – chasing virtual treasures while racing through parks and streets? Yes, please! These aren’t just activities; they’re stories waiting to be told by you – stories that make you both main characters.

Ready for more ways to bond through your geekiness? Let’s talk about how these dates boost your connection.

Unleashing Your Inner Geek on Date Nights

So, there we have it – a treasure chest of geeky date ideas just waiting to add some spark to your love life. Remember, it’s all about sharing what you love with the one you adore.

Go on, get out there and make some memories that are as special as your favorite fandoms. Trust me, these dates are like cheat codes for a great time together!

FAQs About Geeky Date Ideas

What are some nerdy date ideas that’ll make us both happy?

Well, the list is long and super fun! You can dive into a thrilling escape room adventure, challenge each other’s wits with an evening of board games… or hey, why not get all dressed up for some live action role-playing? Trust me, you won’t stop laughing and making memories!

I’m dating a geek who loves movies—any quirky suggestions?

Oh, absolutely! Have you ever heard of MST3K—Mystery Science Theater 3000? It’s where they play old films and make funny comments throughout. Grab your favorite snacks, snuggle up on the couch, and giggle away as you watch.

We’re both geeks, but different types—is there a date idea for us?

For sure! Whether one of you loves comics while the other digs coding — finding common ground is key (like maybe visiting a science museum?) But here’s a thought: take turns picking dates based on what each other likes—it’s like stepping into their world for a day, which can be really sweet.

Any tips for planning my first geeky date to impress them?

First off—relax… it’s about having fun together! Now think about what lights up their inbox — any specific hobbies or shows they love? Pick something related to those interests and add your own twist. Remember, it’s all about sharing what makes you both unique geeks—and hey, being yourself is already impressive enough!

Additional Geeky Date Night Ideas
  • Visit The Making Of Harry Potter in London for a magic-filled date.
  • Embark on a Star Wars-themed escape room adventure.
  • Participate in a builder’s workshop at a LEGO store.
  • Celebrate Pi Day on March 14 with a pie-tasting outing.
  • Take a coding class together.
  • Go to a local observatory for an evening of stargazing.
  • Challenge each other at a retro arcade.
  • Watch a live taping of a science podcast.
  • Attend a language class for a foreign language featured in your favorite sci-fi series.
  • Visit a comic book art exhibit.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt at a tech museum.
  • Visit the real-life locations of your favorite futuristic films.
  • Take a computer hardware-building workshop.
  • Take part in a cosplay photo shoot.
  • Tour a robotics factory.
  • Design and 3D-print matching keychains.
  • Attend a virtual reality expo.
  • Have a picnic at a nearby radio telescope facility.
  • Take a zombie survival training course.
  • Visit a pop culture-themed cafe or bar.
  • Join an improvisation class themed on a popular fantasy series.
  • Transform your living room into a fortress for a night of tabletop games.
  • Enroll in a comic book illustration class.
  • Join a LARP (Live Action Role-Play) event.
  • Host a DIY lightsaber-building day.
  • Take a trip to a train museum and pretend you’re on the Hogwarts Express.
  • Stage a mini sci-fi film festival at home.
  • Visit locations that inspired famous video game landscapes.
  • Host your own superhero movie marathon, complete with DIY costumes.
  • Try out a VR rock climbing experience.
  • Visit a puzzle room with a fantasy theme.
  • Host a steampunk-themed dinner party.
  • Enjoy an evening of quantum physics lectures.
  • Go on a factory tour of a tech gadget manufacturer.
  • Visit the birthplace or home of a famous scientist.
  • Start a home chemistry set and conduct fun experiments.
  • Take a drone-flying lesson.
  • Visit a space vehicle assembly facility.
  • Take a class on making your own video games.
  • Attend a read-aloud of a landmark sci-fi novel.
  • Create your own comic strip.
  • Explore a fantasy-themed virtual reality landscape.
  • Visit a science fiction book fair.
  • Tour a space museum and try a space food tasting.
  • Start a DIY robot-building project at home.
  • Visit a game development studio.
  • Have a Jurassic Park movie night, complete with dinosaur snacks.
  • Buy and assemble a model rocket.
  • Host a Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate night.
  • Visit an exhibit about the history of computers.
  • Try out an astronomy software and learn about different constellations.
  • Attend a scientific research event.
  • Embark on a dinosaur fossil dig experience.
  • Participate in a hacking challenge.
  • Try out a themed underwater VR experience.
  • Play Pokemon Go in a city you’ve never been to.
  • Arrange a DIY physics magic show.
  • Visit an anime convention.
  • Stop by a planetarium show.
  • Prepare and taste recipes based on food from your favorite fiction series.
  • Visit a renowned science museum.
  • Attend a lecture by a famous astrophysicist.
  • Build a model of a famous landmark out of LEGO.
  • Participate in a fantasy book club meeting.
  • Play a marathon of classic strategic board games.
  • Take a scientific illustration course.
  • Visit a virtual reality movie premiere.
  • Make a homemade telescope and watch the stars.
  • Learn robot programming at a local workshop.
  • Take part in a video game tournament.
  • Visit an exhibition of science-infused art.
  • Have a retro video game night.
  • Join a trivia night for your favorite TV series.
  • Explore worlds in a VR shared space.
  • Visit sites of famous scientific discoveries.
  • Attend a 3D printing workshop.
  • Build a DIY orrery (a mechanical model of the solar system).
  • Explore a historic mathematical archive.
  • Take part in an indie comic book festival.
  • Visit a science-themed jewelry-making class.
  • Go to a Magic: The Gathering tournament.
  • Have an all-night Lord of the Rings marathon with Elvish-themed snacks.
  • Start a DIY project to build a home arcade cabinet.
  • Explore a space-themed VR board game.
  • Tour a nuclear power plant.
  • Tour the labs of a leading technology company.
  • Attend a bioluminescence night walk.
  • Go on a city-wide treasure hunt based on your favorite book series.
  • Write, direct, and star in your own sci-fi short film.
  • Host a Futurology-themed TED talks night.
  • Take a class on Arduino programming and make something cool.
  • Create matching t-shirts featuring your favorite geeky quotes.
  • Try an AI painting class.
  • Visit a comic book signing event.
  • Star in your own action RPG for a day.
  • Make your own cosplay outfits and head to a Comic-Con.
  • Attend a tech-related keynote or a symposium.
  • Host a night of board games invented in the last decade.
  • Build your own Rube Goldberg Machine.
  • Join a robot competition or a LEGO Mindstorms challenge.




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