Exploring eLiT: The World’s First LED Address Box

Have you driven to someone’s home or a business for the first time and found the GPS pin took you to the wrong location? It puts you in the vicinity, maybe within 100 feet, but it doesn’t align right with the house. It’s a minor inconvenience for you, but imagine the issues when an ambulance driver is trying to locate the house as fast as possible. Or picture a Grubhub driver who must abandon your chicken gyros order because of a misaligned Google pin. You might have a disappointed friend if the UPS driver delivering an amazing, overnighted birthday present can’t find the house number because they’re faded, hidden behind bushes or because it’s dark outside.

A new, tech-based solution that improves the GPS address issues and house number problems is called eLiT, an LED address box. This new device solves various location identification issues that are frequently caused by missing address numbers or mis-pinned addresses. It features backlit four-inch address numbers contained in an attractive yet unobtrusive box. The device solves multiple problems associated with home addresses and the limitations of current GPS mapping platforms.

With eLiT, homeowners and businesses can ensure their address numbers shine brightly and are clearly visible for emergency personnel and delivery drivers. The lights are clearly visible from the street, so the Instacart delivery person can spot a home without leaning out their window with a flashlight.

Another smart feature of the device is that it will automatically flash red when 911 emergency response vehicles are within range, so the drivers can reach the destination as quickly as possible. This is vital during medical emergencies in which minutes can mean the difference between life and death. The device will also automatically flash its lights a designated color when opted-in delivery firms are nearby. The device is especially helpful in rural areas where homes might be set off a significant distance from a road, new developments or old homes that are improperly noted on GPS mapping.

The eLiT device is accurate to within a few feet due to the company’s proprietary eXACT MAP Technology. This tech resets the GPS pin based on the device’s exact real-time location. It does this without using Wi-Fi, which can be unreliable and is susceptible to internet outages and user error. An ideal solution for apartment buildings with multiple units, the eLiT’s accuracy eliminates confusion about the exact location of different apartment complex towers.

It’s available in both battery powered and wired models for maximum flexibility and is mountable on multiple surfaces. An upgraded model features added tech in the form of two-way audio and visual communication and app controls.

The product comes from Strategic Innovations, a leader in product development and innovation. The company focuses on uncovering persistent real-world problems and creating new solutions. For more information about eLiT’s capabilities, visit eLiT.




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