How to Make Extra Money to Upgrade Your Gaming PC


Let’s start simple: if you’re good at something, don’t do it for free. With there being so many new graphics cards, processors and so on entering the market, and a lot of redundancies due to the pandemic, there’s a lot to buy, and not a lot of money to buy it all with. This leads to freelancing because if you’ve lost your job for example, then you’re likely to have some skills and experience that can still be put to use somewhere.

Putting yourself out there online on social media is a good start – either showcasing your skills in your chosen field(s) or directly contacting clients who are looking for exactly what you’ve got – and once you get past the rate and budget debate, you’re in business. Quite literally. On that note though, it’s important to make sure one of your skills is good manners, as businesses are unlikely to want to pay you for being rude and expecting too much for too little. The opportunities are there to reward the right attitude; and that being said, don’t get disheartened if it’s not working out as quickly as you’d have hoped. If you’re good at something, you can only improve from there on, and employers will appreciate you continuing your research into your field as opposed to trying to make a living in someone else’s niche.


Another great idea for your spare time is completing surveys. Whether it be for an upcoming product, or just data for a study, researchers want that information, and you can be the one to provide it at the touch of a few buttons and maybe a dozen minutes of your time.

These web based questionnaires usually require an incentive given for participation, and that’s where the money comes in. They don’t pay much – perhaps $1-$10 per survey, however since they don’t take that long, you can quickly reap the rewards by stacking up several surveys together. Soon you’ll find yourself able to pay hundreds for new gaming hardware, which you can proceed to fill out more surveys on. Rinse and repeat.

Online betting

Looking for something more sports related? Then the Olybet Website is a solid bet. It’s not without its caveats though, as you’ll need to do some research into what teams are likely to win events, and then take a well founded gamble on who the victor may be for some easy cash.

Generally, online betting is a quick and uncomplicated opportunity to make money. There is a knack to it, but it’s easily gifted with some experience – besides, the best time to start online betting would have been a few years ago; and the second best time is now. Also as a side note, it brings plenty of stories as sometimes you’ll find yourself in a bit of a rut, chasing losses, until your luck and skill takes over with time which can grant thousands in profits.

Take stock photos

Digital photos can sell online for as little as a few cents up to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars with the right talent and demand. Stock photography is mostly for commercial purposes, and you right here can apply to be part of that industry right now.

Stock photos aren’t something to put everything you’ve got into, as it can fluctuate, although it’s a very interesting passive income to have going on in the background. It gets as simple as taking a photo, uploading it online to a stock photography website, and earning money each time someone downloads or purchases it. Simplicity is definitely key with this one, as the most inanimate of objects can stir a huge buzz quite effortlessly.

However if you’re ever short on cash and want to put a little more effort in, then like pretty much any other business it’ll give you a head start to familiarize yourself with some understanding of the market. Cliché stock photos of people shaking hands, or someone studying with a laptop and earbuds in is in oversupply, and buyers aren’t interested in these photos unless they’re top notch. What buyers want is group photos of regular people doing regular activities, i.e. a group of friends at a barbecue. Sometimes this can even mean hiring models, signed releases, scouting locations, and of course all of your photography skills are a given.

Rent out your room

Even in the worst of scenarios, if you’re able to rent out a spare room (or a storage room that can be easily converted), you’ll likely make more rent in a few months than you lose in damages. Especially in suburban areas with a demand for student housing for example, renting out a room is a fantastic idea to gain a lot financially in just a few months. Make sure you have a separate bathroom for your tenants though, that’s a must-have.

Renting to strangers can be daunting or even quite stressful, but renting to a familiar face such as a friend or family member is often mutually beneficial: you make boatloads of money, and they have a solid start to get back up on their feet.




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