Even more Geek Store goodness!

For a while I was hoping for the ability to make posters, and it’s finally here!  We’ve opened up a Geek Extreme Poster Store, with one poster in it so far.  It’s an image I created a while back that was tweaked and re-rendered to fit on a poster.

The small thumbnail doesn’t do it much justice, but as you can tell it’s very colorful and very busy.  The image is called Fun with Mirrors.  It was created using Bryce 5.0 and a lot of spare time.  When this was originally done it took my computer and Headgeek’s computer 3 nights to render it (network rendering).  Surprisingly when I resized it and rendered it only took 6-8 hours on my computer alone (started it when I went to bed, woke up to a completed render).  When time permits I will create more images, some similar, others completely different.  If you like it, please order one.  Not only does it help Geek Extreme out, but it’s a nice little pat on the back for me. 🙂




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