Delta Faucet Temp20 Shower Head – The Perfect Shower Experience

When I get in the shower, I always turn the shower head to side as much as possible before I let the water touch my body. I can’t stand having that cold water against my skin. I get goose bumps even thinking about it. If you are really picky about your water temperature then the Temp20 Shower Head is just the gadget for your showering needs.

With the Temp20 Shower Head, you’ll never have to use your own skin to test the temperature. The shower head features a LED digital display which tells you exactly what the temperature of the water is before you commit to the shower. In the beginning though, you’ll still need to know which temperature is the sweet spot for you. But once you have your favorite number down, you’ll never be surprised by water that’s too hot or too cold.

The Temp20 Shower Head features an easy to clean rubber spray holes allowing you to wipe away any buildup of calcium and lime in case you have ‘hard water’. The shower head operates on three AAA batteries which should power the display for at least two years but it can also be powered by the water which runs through it. Pretty cool, right?

The shower head also features WaterSense certification meaning it uses less water. The shower head releases 2.0gpm at 80psi. Spray settings include soft drench, full body, full spray with massage, massaging, shampoo rinsing, and shampoo rinsing with massage. So you have plenty of therapeutic options here. The Temp20 Shower Head is available on Amazon for only $35.




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